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Wasn't sure where to put this but as there seems to be a lot of RSC/phase 1 talk in this board here goes.
I have been told by my recruiter that at the start of phase 1 training I should take with me items to "make my life more comfortable" now, I have been an adult instructor and range officer with the ATC for a few years and as such have amassed quite a lot of fairly reasonable kit.
Im not talking lowas and all singing and dancing combat jackets and all that sh*te, just a few select items such as a softie bag (which doesnt weigh a bloody tonne!),an ex us army thermarest, some 'proper' insoles, commander's pouches, bits like that.
My dilemma is this : do I take this stuff with me and ultimately be that bit more comfortable, or will I just look like some p*ss taking walt wannabe fcuker/mr silverman/all the gear no idea ??

any advice/experiences/p*ss taking please.......


also would I even be ALLOWED to use this stuff during basic? or is it that everyone uses the same, issued kit regardless?


Similar kind of thing with me. I start para depot in 6 days and my mate who is close finishing depot said to try and get items that will make your life a little bit easier in depot. Ive picked up stuff like scotch brite pads for cleaning and zinc oxide tape for my feet which will hopefully make things a little easier. But anyone else got any ideas on any other items to get?



Yeh Im taking small essentials like scotch pads, shoe polish, selvyt, starch etc but didnt know whether to take the larger items, sleeping bag, section leaders notebooks, bits like that or to leave them in the loft till phase 2,or indeed till i pass out of phase 2.
any feedback from those that have gone through it always welcome........
hi im going n the 31st july so not long now, ive bought stuff my friend who is in 3para said i may need and that he wish he had taken at first. also ive got a few things that a friend in the forces bought me, like survival toothbrush set, quick drying and light weight towel. water proof note pad, just not sure to flash it or keep it for when they say we can.
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