Phase 1

Hello everyone

I have just come back off selection and been recommended my job choice as Operator Military Intelligence.

I am aware of the next step in selection is 3 days in Chicksands, also I know that no more information can be revealed about the 3 days then has already been disclosed.

A question I did not get to ask as ADSC was: If any SUT joining the Int Corp were treated differently or expected to perform better then other SUT joining perhaps the Royal Artillary, during their time at phase 1 training?

Thank you in advance

No you shouldn't be treated any differently, we treat all SuT the same at our place. It's a level playing field.
Alex if you have been pre selected for the Int Corp you will be treated differently.

Prior to arrival for Phase 1 you will be issued with a number of items.

You will always be expected to arrive on time, as you will be one of the few in your squad with an Omega Speedmaster. the Instructors will take a dim view if you are not the fastest in the squad, and can excell at fencing and Parkour.

Your marksmanship skills will be exepected to be top notch, you will be tested on at least 4 Pashtu dialects, and some mainstream Dari.

Don't forget, when they ask you to differentiate between the '63 and the '66 Mouton Rothschild, it is normally a trick. They are both the '63, they have cases of the stuff they just can't shift ;-)

You may elect to take your Aston Martin on Phase 1, many see this as a disadvantage and leave it in storage.
look out Alex, he's trying to trick you - the Mouton Rothschild is a car :)
Its a fair cop Guvnor, I'll come quietly. My brief will explain that the absence of a father figure during my formative years and loss of self-esteem on failing the 11 Plus were to blame.

When you are back this way next*, please let me buy you a glass of Aston Martin '79.

(* I suppose the Warrant Officer's webinar will save you having to come back this year?

I'll send you an annotated picture instead)
Damn you and your fine motors, sad was the day I transferred out of the Corps and had to hand in the keys to my Corbières Grand Tourer and sign out a Blue Nun runabout in the All Girls Corps.

PS I am sure there is always someone willing to accommodate your 'manservant'
My first car was a Blue Nun, I remember those days. Tearing up the country side, laughing at the townsfolk.

Thanks for the replies
You might get accused of looking like "one of them int corps c**t types" but otherwise put your best in and hope its more than enough, you should be fine.
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