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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bluenose68, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Hello all just wondering if you can help me .

    I attended Selection on monday at Whittington barracks.
    I Passed Very Happy woop woop

    But i just wanted to find out how long it is going to take now before i get to phase 1 Training. After passing i went to my local AFCO by then he already had a email saying i passed. But even so he didn't say or give me a hint to when i will be given a start date .

    If you could help me out i would be very gratefull.
  2. What grade did you get?
  3. Well done on passing!

    It depends on your trade and the number of vacancies.

    The only people who will know are at your AFCO and they will tell you as soon as they find out.

    Start work on your fitness and be prepared to wait until well after Christmas; if you read the threads you will see that the training pipeline is full.

  4. also the grade he got matters if he got a or b then he will be at the front of the queue possibly aiming for march if he got a c then maybe not.
  5. Forgot that bit... :(

  6. Lol, easy mistake.
  7. thought it would be about that time , Whilst down at whittington i over heard the sergant sayin that catterick is full wich didnt fill me with joy , i got a b so i culda done better :( ahh well happy i passed im just gona use what ever time iv got now to do some training gona sort a plan out i think just need to figure out what to put on it :/
  8. Good just keep fit, you are guaranteed a place in the army so just keep fit untill you are in.
  9. Welcome to the waiting party.

    Depending on trade and that, some trades will be waiting longer. Maybe Infantry wouldn't have to wait as long (depending on adsc grade)

    I think I will be sat til April at least.
  10. what you going for then mate ?
  11. I know the question was directed at me but im joing RLC as a Driver
  12. How long you been waiting for so far then conor ?
  13. i passed in september some have been waiting since july and just like them i think im going in in March but my space hasnt been comfirmed.
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