Phase 1 worries

I passed ADSC back in September, with a run time of 9.48, and I'm due to start P1 at Pirbright on the 30th, problem is, shortly after selection, I tore a ligament in my knee. I've been in physio since, and have been doing all the cardio I can(swimming, cycling, cross trainer) excluding running, as well as lifting weights 6 days a week.

I got the green light to start running today from my physio, and I dont know whether it was my subconciouss holding back to protect my knee or what, but I found the run seriously difficult. I'm seriously stressing about whats going to happen when I get to P1 and they see my run time has gone up as much as I'm sure it has. Ive still got over 3 weeks to try and regain my fitness, but I dont know if that will be enough to get me back to anywhere near what I was? To make matters worse, I can't hammer myself as much as I would like as according to my physio, I have to ease back into the running after my injury. Phsically, I'm healed, but my fitness has seemingly been shot to pieces.

What happens if you get to P1 and your run time has gotten alot worse? Will I get sent home?

Any help or advice much appreciated.


Do keep the training up, but do what you feel comfortable with, don't push it too much and don't worry. You need to be careful not to flare your knee up again.

About your phase one, you have earned your place and you won't be sent back out the door unless there is something very wrong.
As long as you are under 14:00 for the 1.5 miler, you shouldn't worry. I'm sure you will be faster than that anyway. Training is progessive and it WILL get you where you need to be, not everyone will join with the same level as fitness, and your training team will know this.

Just keep the training up, but take it steady 'till you reach phase one.
You will be fine.
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