Phase 1 - Winchester ATR - 4th February, anyone else going?

Got my date for my phase one training and I'm shipping off on the 4th of Feb down to Winchester. Really looking forward to it and I've increased my excercise regime to make sure I'm fit enough not to be the one lagging behind (hopefully, that is.)

Couple of questions:

1. Is anyone else starting theirs on February 4th?

2. Is Creatine a good way to increase muscle mass? I was told in my selection interview that I needed to work on my upper body strength, and since then I've been doing heaves and pushups a fair amount more. A mate of mine told me about this supplement called Creatine which apparently helps you build muscles faster with training.

3. Along with the kit list I was given, does anyone recommend any other "extras" that I should be bringing along with me to make life a little bit easier while in basic?

Thanks for reading,

-- Cable
2. Creatine only helps with recovery, not your actual workout. Yes, it will help build muscle, but not a noticeable amount. Its like taking vitamins, they wont make you feel any different, but it will help.
Make sure you get pure 100% creatine monohydrate or ethyl ester, dont buy in to all the expensive MaxiMuscle crap.
You could argue that most creatines are bunk because a lot of it turns to creatinine and is pissed out. I'd suggest drinking 1-2 gallons of water, eating clean foods (non-processed) and pushing yourself to your limit. It can take a month to produce 1-2lb (max) of muscle, initial muscle weight gain is in glycogen storage so it's key to have a hi-carb diet (oats, pasta, rice, brown bread and dextrose) with a decent amount of protein and fats.

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