phase 1 winchester 17th march 2008

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by fencing_sabre, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. anyone going to winchester for phase 1 on the 17 march ?
  2. Yeah im startin basic training on 17th march, joining the air corps, how about you?
  3. yeh im a re-enlistment, im joining krh, how well did u do in selection ?
  4. am a re enlister am joining rlc hear that traing thear iz hard llike lol. wot reg iz that (krh)
  5. Are all the people who left suddenly goin back?? its takin me ages
  6. it took me ages to get bk in but if u daor u will be w8ting around 4 ever coz they dnt realy want know coz u left but if u got rfast like me u shud find it easer 2 get bk in :!:
  7. OK I've been taking classes in txtspk but I dont have a bloody clue what you're on about. Try posting in English in the forum thread suggested above.
  8. lol am a re inlister a left last year an singed back up because a dindt discharge my self they wear happy to sing me bk up. they sed if u had ove discharge your self it wud take nealy a year and more u under stand lol :D
  9. i was in the infantry last time for a year and 3 months but had a shin problem, i applyed june 07 and its took this long, and its the kings royal hussars(army tank corp) so cant wait to get back in :D
  10. thats bout the time a re enlisted am sh1ting my self coz my fitness haz droped all just give it my all lol so wots ya name m8
  11. Nice, did pretty well in selection, no real problems there, did the 1.5 run fine, cant wait to join now, heard its pretty good at winchester.
  12. my names chris, ive been doing some fitness i live in blackpool and they have a sand dunes so been running on there but for the first week ull do **** all coz youll be ironing , locker inspection and getting ya kit and beret, cant wait to get my new beret, gonna shave mine and get it perfect :D, did my mile a half in 9.36 i think so cant wait, but just hopuing my shins dont **** up so wot u going in then ?
  13. So lemme get this straight if you leave yourself its more difficult to go back in than if you get discharged for being unfit for army service? somethin wrong there. Yh i know tho ive had to wait a year to reapply and itll probly be next jan before im back, hopefully my record isnt so terrible that it might actually happen ha!
  14. no lol if u get re_least frm army service on g00d terms like if u have got big famliy issues at home if they think that u shud go home and get sorted and re join thats if u dont want leav till it sorted. it saves u geting duck around coz u left training because u didnt like it. u get me now lol