Phase 1 training

Hi all, this is my first new topic so ill ask you to bear with me...

Basically i start phase 1 training for the RA as a gunner in a week and i was just wondering what would happen if i couldnt meet the amount of press-ups needed? i believe my running is ok as i run 9.47 for the 1.5 mile and i also believe i wil be ok with the sit ups... im just unsure about the press ups as i can only do 30 ish, and heaves for that matter... can anyone assist?

finally has anyone any information on good trades in the ra? ive been looking at artillery command systems...

thanks for any help.

I would'nt worry regarding the press up's when you begin. Upon arrival you will carry out something called a BPFA which is the one and a half mile run as many press ups you can do in 2 minutes and as many sit ups.

You will be scored on your performance via a traffic light scale, to get green you need to do the run in less than 10 30 and achieve a minimum of 44 press-ups and 50 sit-ups.

Now bearing in mind green is what you need to achieve at the end of basic training there should'nt be any problems with you completing more than 44 press ups at the end of basic training.

Hope this helps

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