Phase 1 Training

Mine starts June. It will be good to know.

From what I know about the 2 weekends of 1A's and 4 weekends of 1B's, the first weekend will probably consider of a run and powerpoint.

I think the first thing they do is risk management, make you do a run and if you arn't fit enough for the entire course, you are RTU'd.
You won't get RTU'd for failing the run till you get to your two week course and you'll most likley get two tries at it before they send you back anyhow.
I asked my Captain at my TA centre the same thing and he told me it usually is a camp out at night, basically taught how to live and survive in the wild. Hope it helps fella.
they went over this at selection the other week.

the first weekend you go out and live in the field for a night or two.
not sure on the others my minds gone blank
1st 2 weekends is paperwork stuff, basic drill and a pft ( u do pft every weekend u do) next 4 weekends u cover everything u need to kknow, but its all broken down so easy, and its all good fun, i was worried when i first turned up, but theres no need to be, as long as u dont **** about and u respect senior ranks then your have a great time, i got my final 2 weeks next weekend :D
I have my first RT weekend coming up this weekend, my boots etc are broken in but is there anything that I should go out and buy before the weekend i.e. if I am spending time in the field what about a torch or even more simply polish and brushes.

I have full combats obviously just there are other extras that I would have expected to be advised to take with me on cadet camps (that I attended about 5 years ago) but these have not been mentioned at all but I don't want to go out and buy a load of un-required extras.

You won't get a chance to polish your boots :?

My first weekend consisted of:
Friday night brief, Saturday Risk Assessment run, 800 metre warm up then 1.5 run, introduction to the gym. Platoon photo (cost us £4 at QE in York). Skill at arms lessons, a night out under a basha and shown how to set it up, eat, wash, shave etc.
Sunday hand in bergen, dossbag (whatever you signed out with) a 2 mile run/speed march, another skill at arms lesson a Chat with a PTI on fitness etc.
As has been said - TAKE ALL OF YOUR KIT.

You might also like to buy at least a couple of dark green bungies, plus four decent tent pegs. For some reason you only get issued one water bottle, so its a good idea to purchase another or some kind of water carrier bladder thang. Boot polish of course, washing and shaving kit, A5 notebook in a waterproof bag. a SMALL torch is a good idea for the combat camping phase; most blokes end up with headtorches, Petzl seem to be the best.

Ensure you bring a sense of humour.

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