Phase 1 training - Winchester

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Vinnylppd, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. Ive just got back home from ATR Winchester for my long weekend.

    For all you's worrying about it - theres nothing to worry about - its been the best 7 weeks of my life, yeah you get beasted, its hard and the early morning are a shitter - but its so much fun! ive made some of the best mates already!!!

    So stop worrying! :)
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  2. Who'd you go with mate? What reg?
  3. Reg - i was going in the AGC but moved to the Royal Signals!

    got test week all next week then exercise half way the week after :S shittin tht lol :p
  4. Ugh, halfway. That really was the make or break week for us. I made it, but loads didn't. If it doesn't break you, then you'll be set for passing out no problem.
  5. Forks what do you mean loads didn't make it? as in they quit?.. or failed? And Vinny, in test week what sort of tests are they? like PT or what?
  6. Monday - Health and Hygiene test
    Tuesday - BCD Test and CBRN test
    Wednesday - Swimming Test
    Thursday - Gas test
    Friday - Drill Test

    i think - or something like tht... =]

    im just not looking forward to getting gased............
  7. Well, on our halfway exercise, quite a surprising amount of people dropped out due to injuries sustained on the actual exercise. One guy broke his leg doing casualty lifts, another fractured his collarbone after falling into a hole in the dark, and another caught hypothermia. But even if you make it through the week without injury, the troop staff need to evaluate your performance and they can also decide to backsquad you if they feel the need.

    There are certain assessments you do throughout the week, they do seem to allow certain leeway if they feel it's worth keeping you, but I know people backsquadded for quite minor failures on tests.

    Most of these people only went back a couple of weeks, so they did still continue with their training, it's only a minor set back in the long run, so nothing too much to worry about.