phase 1 training kit list

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by killergibbo, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. ok pasted my selection now am awaiting a phone call with my intake dates to winchester.

    i aint been giving a kit list yet but i want to start buying stuff and get myself sorted out.

    aswell as that what are the rules on polaroid camera's as i want to take photo's and send them home to friends and family to give them a idea of stuff am doing...

    any info peeps would be great cheers
  2. Hiya i also have just passed i got mine quite quik nut this is a general list ov what ya need!! Its in the book they gave meStuff Needed for phase 1!!

    Important documents
    National health service card
    National insurance card
    P45 (if held)
    Birth certificate
    Marridge Certificate (If capible)
    Birth certificate of children (If held)
    Any legal orders (Relating to divorce, Custody,Change of name etc)
    Driving license
    Four photos of your self
    Education certificates
    Bank account details (If you dont have one, you need to set one up - But we can help you with this)
    Immunisation record

    Essential Items
    Outdoor clothing (Warm and waterproof clothing, especially in the winter)
    Respectable civilian clothes suitable for going out (Trousers, shoes, skirt and tie or female equivalent) Sufficent for 14 weeks
    Swim wear, and shower cap for females

    Personal equipment
    Toilet kit: Comb, flannel, tooth brush, nail scissors, cotton buds, Soap, shower gel, shampoo, tooth paste, face cream Sanitary products for females and wet razor and shaving foam for males

    Optional and useful items
    Alarm clock, battery operated
    Basic first aid kit
    Bin liners (heavy duty)
    Clothes brush
    2 black biro pens, 2 pencils and eraser
    Letter writting paper, Envolopes and stamps (1st class)
    Hand washing powder
    Sports sweat shirt
    Running shorts
    Training shoes (broken in not brand new)
    Flip flops (shower shoes)
    Underwear (enough for seven days)
    Sports underwear
    Nite wear
    Sewing kit (including khaki thread and safety pins)
    Face cloth
    2 Large towels
    Wrist watch (Waterproof)
    6 to 10 coat hangers (strong, wooden)
    Eletric steam iron (ironing boards are provided)
    Permanent marker pen to mark your uniform
    Small torch and batteries
    Space laces
    Small radio/tape/CD player
    Mobile phone (prepaid is best)
    Personal possessions (photos of family)

    And the digital camera thing im taking mine so hope theres no probs i asked a phew mates ov mine and they said its fine!! HOPE THIS HELPS xxx
  3. is there also an issue list of what you are issued when you go for basic?
  4. thanks lady.d gd luck with phase 1
  5. Thax ummm i havnt got nothing at all to say what gets issued sorry! so um not sure x
  6. jonni, what reg are you joining? You will be issued c95's, second dress, thermals, boots, silver shadow trainers, nbc kit + respirator, bergen, kit bag, boot socks, helmet + cover, personal weapon ) which will stay in the armoury unless in use, pt kit, cnut cap, tracksuit, water bottle, mess tin and thats all i can remember but im sure theres a hell of a lot more
  7. you know once you have reached week 7 and you get the chance to have the long weekend leave it best to take all your uniform home for cleaning and other stuff or does it all have to stay in your locker along with boots and stuff???
  8. Cow

    Cow LE

    Fcuk me mate, if you haven't cleaned it for the last 7 weeks ya gonna be stinking....
  9. lmao nooo i mean to take it home and make sure its all clean for wen am back lol. plus wud be nice to show my mummy my uniform lol
  10. No the DS wont let you, incase you think your big and hard and go down the pub in it. Plus the amount of stuff you get issued there is too much to carry home.

    edited due to bad spelling due to large fingers
  11. reme, how many of each do you get? ie pairs of c95 trousers, shirts etc
  12. 3 95 shirts
    3 95 trouser
    2 95 Jkts
    5 ichy pairs of green (are they black now?) socks
    5 awful green strech t-shirts
    2 pairs of boots (wear them one day on one day off it will make sense when you bull them)
    cant remember anything else if you need it, they'll issue it
  13. just got the phone call ive been waiting for since i first applyed for the army.....i start at winchester on the 23rd of july woot woot am alot happy now that ive got a starting date
  14. Good luck mate!! x
  15. Best of luck mate, i'm off on the 28th May to Lichfield. Can't wait!