Phase 1 training in a block

Is it possible to do all the phase 1 training in a 2 week block? I get 3 weeks training leave from my employer and as I'm probably going to be made redundant in a few months I'd like to use it.
Yes you can. Most Divisonal Regional Training Centres (RTC's) run something called big week which takes place over two weeks and gets all your Phase 1 Training out of the way in one big hit. I believe 4 Div RTC (London & South East) are running theirs around sometime on October.

Check with your TA Recruiting Staff for exact details of where you are.
Cheers brecon_billy! I'll mention it on Tuesday and see what's up.


This is what I've been told I can do if/when I pass selection at my RSW on the 1st-3rd August.
I have to do the RSW, then another weekend, then there is a two-week block for Phase one at the Start of September. also, It's training within my own unit too (which apparentley doesnt happen often)

Got told this was because they want more TA Soldiers to put themselves forward to go to Afghanistan next year.
That's probably just my unit though.
its changing soon, there will no longer be 1a (two weekends) and 1b (four weekends)
it will all be in 1 successive 6 weekend block
if that makes sense
It has changed! since Feb, If you go Inf you have 9 w/es at the RTC, OA&S have 7 w/es at the RTC. The extra w/es allow for what used to be 1A and 1B to be incorporated into the programme, eg you now get Skill at Arms on your first w/e!

Saying that I have heard that there are changes afoot, again, a new CTP comes out in October to be started in January, any other RTC staff heard this one?
Yes, there is a new CTP called CMSR09 which will kick in early 2009, still 6 weekends (OA) & 9 weekends (INF) all done at RTC's (some Inf Bn's will still be allowed to do weekends 7-9)
Pushes a lot of BCD & CBRN to the ATR's
Sunday finishes at 1230
More practice time
More time in the field

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