phase 1 training. anything extra i should take?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Fitzy, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Alright people i went to the AFCO on Monday to do my oath and pick up my travel documents and joining instructions.

    In them it says to take the following with me but does anyone know of any extra stuff i can take which isent on the list or make life easier? I know to take a PMA and a sence of humour down there.


    Personal Documents
    NHS Card
    NI Card
    Birth certificate
    Driving License
    Bank account details
    Education certificates

    A pair of trousers
    A pair of shoes
    A shirt and tie
    A coat
    7 pairs of boxers
    7 pairs of socks
    Training shoes
    Swimming trunks
    2 towls

    Personal Hygine
    Soap and soap dish
    Shaving Gel
    Razors with 5 spair heads
    Tooth brush and toothpaste
    Large towl
    Flip flops
    Nail clippers
    Cotton buds
    Athlets foot powder
    Shower gel
    Washing powder
    Nail brush

    Cheap dark watch
    needles and thread
    Alarm clock
    Hand washing powder
    photos of family and letter writing equipment[/u]
  2. Civvie t shirts, good quality sports socks, shorts( good for wearing in the evenings ) normal body talc, stamps, a small dictionary, spare cash or cah card. ( Not sure about the rules on mobile phones )

    Above all a sense of humour, remember even when you are getting fcuked around and you are working your balls off and you can't see apoint to it all, it all comes together in the end.

    They will keep you busy as this helps with the prevention of home sickness, they will punish you all for one persons mistake as this helps build team work as daft as it may seem now.

    Welcome to the Corps, pin your ears back, keep your gob shut and there is no such thing as a sh1t question, if you don't understand then you can bet your bottom dollar that others didn't either.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

    Sparky :D
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  3. F uck me. How about the basics:

    Two tins of Kiwi black boot polish: 1x large (for brushing combat boots) and 1x small (for bulling best boots).
    Two decent quality boot brushes: 1 for 'polish on' 1 for 'polish off'.
    2x clean, handwashed yellow bulling dusters.
    A decent clothes brush.

    Get stuck in and enjoy it. It doesn't last for ever, it won't make you pregnant and you'll remember it for the rest of your life. 'ave it son!!!
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  4. Fitzy,

    You can also take our very best wishes with you for what I'm shure will be a rewarding (yet demanding) couple of months or so, even if you are joining the Sappers.

    Keep us posted (if you can!) :D
  5. I'm told open ears and a shut gob are the most important things to take :lol:
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  6. Thanks guys. I know that no matter how much shit they throw at me its only for 3 months, plus they did it so its not impossible.

    I was suprised there was nothing on the kit list for boots or blisters/first aid stuff.
  7. Take spare of what you can as well. Somebody will fcuk up and forget something try to help the guys out from the start. If you can take more razor blades, theyre fcuking exensive and cash is tight in basic, same goesfor anything else pricey that you need lots of.
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  8. The int cell sponsor has some rather fine watches
  9. Yes they do. Ordered the 12 quid one yesterday and it came in the post today. Awesome.
  10. 7 pairs of boxers i got told you cant take boxers only pants any truth in this? Also i got told to bring a iron??
  11. A spare toothbrush.

    that way when the nasty corporal tells you to clean the urinals with your toothbrush you can use the spare one. The nasty Corporal will be thus thwarted.

    A clever corporal will insist you clean the urinals with your spare toothbrush. it is unlikely you will thwart a clever corporal.

    Ciggies. Even if you don't smoke. Smokers get ciggie breaks just put one in your mouth.

    Hope this helps.

  12. Basic first aid kit would be useful.

    Compeed (blister plasters)
    Zinc oxide tape (for prevention of blisters)
    Waterproof assorted sizes of plasters
    Paracetamol tablets(painkiller)
    Ibuprofen tablets(anti-inflamatory)
    Waterproof bag/tin to keep above items in.

    Also I had 2x of most items in wash kit. 1 set to use and 1 set for inspections. Also a decent iron is definately an advantage.

    Good Luck!
  13. G3Ops we hvae to iron our kit on my mates list got bring iron if possible. maybe he the only one with this list and every one just going to share his iron i dont know :p
  14. and don´t forget . " pride " , like it was said before . Youré going to be a " Royal Engineer " , the corp with the most battle honours , and the best drinking record in the army , ( zulu warriors , I applaud you )
  15. Huge sense of humour and get stuck in lol