Phase 1 training 1st couple of weeks What to expect ??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by nottotouchtheearth, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi im new on here, passed my selection two weeks ago and start my phase 1 basic training beginning of Jan 10, Royal Signals.. really looking foreward to it, im in my early thirties and dont want to flatter me self but i had to work really hard before selection cause when i made my initial application in may my fitness level was terrible i tried the run at first took me about 18 mins with several stops,ha ha but managed to get that down to below 11:10 for selection.

    So anyone out there could answer my questions would much appreciate it.

    Whats the first weeks of Phase 1 Training Like, really physical from week 1??

    Whats the dorms like, how many do you share with??

    What definitively not to forget when you arrive, ha ha ???


  2. Look in the <Joining up - Regulars> forum .......

    Stacks of info in there
  3. yeah just just noticed i posted in the wrong cat


  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    A lot of pain and suffering ;)

    Seriously your fitness level at the bare minimum based on your post. Fortunately you have quite some time to work on it. Run, run and run some more, then do some more running.

    If you are struggling on the phys then the whole thing will be a nightmare, you can never be too fit!!!

    Other than that it is a life changing experience. Good on you for doing it in your thirties, damned if I would have :D
  5. yeah well my fitness level is getting better week by week been introduced to intervals which has helped stamina, so pain and sufferer still really looking foreward to it

  6. Make sure to pack a massive sense of humour (spares are essential as it will be lost numerous times)

    Also pack gum shield to ease lip when biting it as someone a whole lot younger than you screams into your cannister what a fackin throbber you are, day in day out!

    Good luck and Good Corp choice! :D
  7. Afternoon,

    Bit of a specific question, during the medical in phase 1 training for people that are a cp3/cp4 colour blind are you required to resit the lantern test?

    Considering colour vision does not deteriorate with age I should think it superfluous?
  8. Fcuk me Trigger, only 5 years late!!!!
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