Phase 1 to Phase 2 - Differences?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by luvly_jubbly, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. What's the real differences then?

    I'm gong from Pirbright to Blanford (Signals)

    What's the differences?

    - Weekends?
    - Average working day unless on exercise/ops
    - Will we still get to do the good stuff like adventure training, assault courses etc?
    - Training staff - how different are they towards you from phase 1 to 2?
    - Accommodation? What's it like? How many to a room? Locker inspections as often?

    Deciding as of just now that I want to stick in and give this opportunity a chance!

    Cheers lads
  2. If they offer you the opportunity to do remedial English, take it. :)
  3. There are weekends in Blandford
    It's Phase 2 so no Ops!!! Working day for Phase 2 0730ish to 1830ish Mon, Tue Thur until 1700ish Wed and Fri
    AT at course breaks, assault course all the time loads of different PT sessions
    Staff attitude depends on you. Many have been at Phase 1.
    Accom not bad 4,6 or 10 man rooms. You don't get to pick.

    Try the Royal Signals forum for responses possibly from current Phase 2's
  4. Must be going in as a liney!
  5. Thanks for that! Where is the RS forum?
  6. Weekends are your own, maybe 1 or 2 spent on ex. Parade about 07:30 but don't start untill 08:30 most days finnish 16:30 ish. Plenty of chances for AT and assault course. Training staff same as everywhere, some really good blokes that try to help you out and some power mad 12 year acting full screws that couldn't give a shit. Most of the rooms are pretty good, the blocks are split into 5 or 6 flats with 2 to 6 rooms in each flat depending on what size room you get( most are 4 man). Each flat also has its own utility room with washer, dryer, microwave, fridge and drying room. Blandford is not that bad and the training isn't hard, most phase 2's actually like it here even if they are always moaning about how crap it is.
    Just crack on and keep your head down and you'll be fine.
  7. Do we still do topics such as skill at arms? Drill?
  8. Yes

    You will have troop training evenings normally Tues or Thur. Drill every day!
  9. Drill? Everyday? Whaaaaat haha
  10. Well you march everywhere!