Phase 1 syllabus?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by little_guns, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. I know from the MoD leaflets and websites what will be covered during phase 1, eg drill, feild craft, skill at arms etc. but i was hoping that someone would be able to give me a more detailed account of what i can expect on a day today basis.

    I just wanna try be prepared as best as possible. I'm going to pirbright if that helps


  2. thats brilliant cheers dude
  3. When you've completed selection at the ADSC and you get given your date for Phase 1 training you receive your joining instructions, which detail all the kit you need to take with you, and a detailed routine for the entire 14 weeks, a lot like the link curl1 has given you, just without the pictures and with a more complete daily routine (i.e. 0900-1150 PT, for example).

    Can anyone shed some light on how accurately this schedule is followed during Phase 1 training?


    -- Cable
  4. Its followed as closely as possible, but for unforeseen reasons sometimes you'll find it moved around, chopped and changed, etc... but by the time you finish your basic you will have completed CMSR (Common Military Syllabus Recruit)... ;)
  5. What about Infantry phase 2? Or 26/28 week Catterick training program?
  6. Cheers 5205Bradders.

    5.56mm, I'm sure you'll be told what you're doing when you go to phase 2 ;)
  7. 5.56mm,

    Have a look here... <<<<
  8. I start my training as a Gunner in March, but i'm being sent to Catterick instead of Pirbright. Now i knew that might happen, but am i right in thinking i still only do my 14 weeks there and move on to Larkill for my 12 weeks phase 2? I'm sure this must be the case because i'd need my Light Gun training, however i was a bit peeved when i realised i was missing out on the women :D
  9. The link dosnt work as the Army website has had a big revamp since that link was posted.

    Have you checked the ITC Catterick website for details on the CIC? ( )