Phase 1 start date usually on a Monday?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Evening,

    Just wanted to know, some people have said yes others have said it's always a sunday?!

    I know someone who's starting shortly and I'm sure they said to me it's a monday they start

    can someone in the know clear the matter up?


  2. dont know about anywhere else but i know the ITC is sun only.
  3. I think Harrogate told people to arrive on the Sunday to start on the Monday morning (at least it was always Sunday you couldnt get near the camp carparks because of the parents dropping off their little darlings).
  4. Everyone who joins will have received instructions for doing so; these should include all appropriate timings etc.

    When I was DS at ATR(P), rcts turned up on Sun in prep for course start on the Mon am.
  5. Ben my date is a Sunday too!
  6. my date starts monday at ATR Pirbright, i got to turn up between 1000 and 1400 hrs!
  7. Re-check your dates, just to be on the safe side. :wink:
  8. my dates a sunday
  9. Anybody ever struggled to get there on a Sunday? I've looked at trains for me to get to Pirbright, and its gonna take 15 hours! With 4 stops - great fun!!!!

    Could do it loads quicker on a week day, but never mind - these things are sent to try us!
  10. My start date is a Monday at ATR Pirbright next February.
  11. just re-checked.. definatly the Monday 3rd decemeber, arriving between the times stated/ i got my train ticket for that date... so happy days.
  12. ATR (B) is a sunday
  13. just checked my own dates myself, mine is a monday at ATR Lichfield in January next year
  14. The easiest thing to do is listen to your recruiter when he gives you your joining instructions and travel warrant because he has your SSR on the computer with your enlistment details. The date will also be on your 271W (copy of contract) and the (271A)contract you sign in the careers office when you attest. Joining Instructions will have timings and date on as different courses will have different days and timings for all different ATR's for junior or adults. Your recruiter knows best :D
  15. I'm starting on a Sunday. Catterick.

    my recruiting Sgt said that changed and you "attest" at basic now...