Phase 1 soon, when should I take the oath?

I'm off to Winchester on June 11th, just wondering when I should organise taking the oath?

I assume that the ACIO won't be giving me a call, leaving it up to me etc, so when would be best?
im going to pirbright on the 16th july and the ACIO said they will contact me and give me a date to go in and do my oath, maybe you should give your ACIO a call ?
Your ACIO/AFCO should organise your attestation to the Queen, this should be done as soon as you know your enlistment date (Date to go to phase 1 training). Bug your recruiter its his job. Make sure you have the job in the army you want, its not to late to change. If you have a girlfriend make sure see fully understands what you are about to do, or don't give her your mobile number. Too many good lads get out because of girlfriends, 6 months down the line they split up with you any way.

Ex recruiter.

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