Phase 1 Run!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lady.D, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. :? Humm Im a bit confused! i got loads of paper work given at the careers when i did the oath!

    It said when you go for phase 1 you will have to complete a run in 12.45 minutes!
    The question is if i do not do my run in that time will i get sent home or if not what will happen with me??

    :?: :eek: :?: Thanks xx
  2. You certainly wont get sent home, you will just keep on re-doing it until you pass. Lots of people who turn up to Phase 1 having passed recruit selection and having eat lots of pies since fail their first BPFA/BFT/BFA/PFA or whatever it is called these days so dont worry about it.
  3. Not really the attitude to go with, What if I fail?
  4. A reasonable question from a concerned recruit though.
  5. You'll be fine lady D, you passed selection not so long back so just keep the same attitude from them two days, I'm away on Monday. Finally!
  6. Wayyyy Hayyyyy lol, Thanks for your help!xx
  7. Lady, you'd be surprised at fast you can do your 2.4k run when you've got a competitive streak and you're running in a group. Don't worry about it-you may just surprise yourself at how fast your time is!
  8. I ran 11.57 on my first run at Winchester (I had injured my foot), but was faster by over 2 minutes just 6 weeks later. And even quicker at week 10 or something. As long as you put the effort in doing the PT, you'll greatly improve.
  9. This week its called a PFT.
  10. Thanks well i shocked my self when i went to selection as i did the run in 13.09 and before that i was really struggling with the run it was 16.02 Be for. I know reli unfit but ever since selection for some reason its stayed in the 13 minutes it wont go down!
  11. I wouldn't worry personally. When i turned upto phase1 we had 1 guy who was running about 18 minutes for the 2.4k, but he was a phat fcuk, god knows how he passed selection in the 1st place.. He didn't end up staying long mind you, once his mandatory 28 days were up, he left, bloody waste of money.

    But yeah, once you start running as part of your troop you will be more competitive and you will all end up pushing each others times down. Good luck with it though :D
  12. What tests do you do in the first week of phase 1?

    Is it the matts tests as in press ups, sit ups and the 2.4km run or is the more to the story?

    Start Catterick on May 6th!!!
  13. OH MY GOSH! Is it also true when you get to phase 1 you have to have loads of injections is this true or is some one puling my leg??
  14. Beef injection most likely! :D
  15. lady d...did you not have to provide proof that you had all you're injections for tetanus and stuff..i did and had to get my doc to give me the ones i didnt have before i went anywhere. ended up with two sore arms for a week..