Phase 1 rolled into 1

Anyone else heard of a course of 4 weeks that comprises all of Phase 1 A B and C?

I'm in a TA in NI and I was told I could do this "new" course in August and it is specifically designed for students in the TA who can't really get off during other months?

Anyone heard if this is true or are my unit BS-ing me?

I didn't manage to get on it but did some joint tasks with the guys who were on the 4 week intensive course. Very difficult to get on I'd wager but still I'd rather do that than the separate weekends. I was down at Malta (SE) doing my courses so don't know if it's a regional thing or not..
It's the same for Midlands Challenge. Some people I know went on it and it's basically phase 1, a weekend off doing AT (Adventure Training) then phase 2 (well in this case infantry phase 2).

Four weeks from Civvie to trained soldier. It does make you shudder but hey . Even when the regulars finish their training they haven't actually finished training as they say, you never stop.

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