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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by lar12345, May 1, 2008.

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  1. I'm doing my phase 1 in a few weeks and was wondering what 'operation icebreaker' is? It takes up some time in the first week, from what I've read of the winchester phase 1 schedule

  2. Operation Ice Breaker. You will be flown to the Artic Circle and dropped off at an abandoned mining facility with just a hand drawn map, a wine bottle cork and a steel needle. Usually a group of about 40 Phase 1 recruits will be fed and bedded down for the night. Here is where the mystery really begins. Throughout the night it is discovered that recruits start disappearing with the occasional scream heard over an artic gale. Soon it becomes apparent that you are not alone and that a strange flesh eating alien is preying on the young recruits. And so begins your journey of survival. With your hand drawn map and makeshift compass you and the surviving recruits must battle the elements, aliens, equip yourselves with makeshift weapons, and with much haste make your way to a 4 tonne Bedford parked at Clapham Junction. It's a breeze, don't sweat it as normally at least 50% of recruits make it through to continue their training.

    Hope this helps.
  3. There is more however. The real surprise comes when a cartoon dog unmasks the alien as non other than Old Man Giles, the tractor driving up-hill gardner from Bognor. Wacky stuff.
  4. iv got a feeling it will be just like what you did at selection...seems to make sense.

    i hated doing the icebraker at selection, was nervous as hell
  5. Its a talk about yourself for about 5 minutes, but thats funny above LOL
  6. Hang on, isn't clapham junction more hostile, cold and filled with more aliens than the actual place your talking about where 'operation icebreaker' takes place? 8O
  7. It is, but they are RECRUITS..crawl, walk and run ring any bells?
  8. Oh I see......silly me
  9. All it is a 1 night exercise. Through the day you will see demos about the ranges hear what is like to have a round come over your head etc... Then you will go to some woods and be shown things like how to put ponchos up etc... you then buddy up set up your ponchos, then do your helmets making sure there fitted right etc.. You then do your icebreaker like the one in selection but you know most of your troop by then so its easy and the staff rip in to you a little. Have some lovely rations for dinner. Do some other stuff then bed.
  10. sounds like the teddybear picnic
  11. I was just drinking milk and it basically just flooded out from my nose all over the computer. Man that reply was funny.
  12. Dont admit that during it :wink: