Phase 1 - Pirbright - Monday, August 13th

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Twyman, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. Bloody anxiety is setting in big time for me, haha. I'm ultimately looking forward to it though (finally starting my army career that is; wait has been long enough, what with me first applying in February!).

    Is anyone else starting phase 1 at Pirbright on the 13th of this month?
  2. i started my app on my 18th birthday..jan 31 2006...and i start on august 12th (at ITC Catterick though) but im suffering the anxiety too!
  3. I start at Pirbright on 9th Septemeber so feeling the anxiety too
  4. God, wish it was me, I started there on 7th January 1974, Ahhh, memories
  5. June 23 1993 then went back as an Instructor Feb 24 2000 good times
  6. Im starting aug 13th ,scared very very scared.
  7. glad im not the only one! gotta go all the way from devon to catterick too... :x
  8. I start on the 13th aswell :) everyone excited?
  9. I'm from Devon too..going to Pirbright 10th sept
  10. 6 years...not been one like this for a while
  11. Is it BEBO? Use the stickies.
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