Phase 1, Pirbright, June 18th - Anyone else going?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Reivers_lass, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys, I'm starting Phase 1 at Pirbright on June 18th (female side of the barbed wire!) - anyone else on Arrse going on that date? It would be good to know I'm not the only one starting to panic - but really looking forward to it at the same time! :dance:
  2. Hiya, yea im off down on 18th so your not alone lass. What you going for????
  3. Good luck with you phase 1, i am going on the 21st for selection.

  4. Cheers, don't worry about selection its not as bad as your probably expecting. Just be confident and you cant go far wrong.
  5. I'm going to join the music corps. I'll probably meet you at some point General. What are you joining?

    Good luck with selection hrlyndon. I really enjoyed mine - i was at Glencorse though so it will be slightly different. The worst bit is waiting to go!! But it wasn't as bad as some people made out.
  6. Joining RLC, going for Ammo Tech. You got all your kit you need? Have you done your Oath yet?
  7. Ooh, what was it like at Glencorse? I'm expecting to go in the next month!

    Good luck to all, for selection and phase 1!
  8. Got some stuff in, going shopping for the rest in the next day or so. I'm to go to Edinburgh for my oath next friday. My office is Gala so i think they're making a big deal about it - it should be good.

    Soozi, don't worry about Glencorse one bit. I absolutely loved it. I'll PM you and tell you more about it.
  9. I'm in basic at the min and believe me you dont need even half the stuff that they tell you to get on your kit list, your not allowed to wear most of it because you'll be issued everything you need. Just make sure you get yourself a decent iron though! (not a cheapy one from asda :oops: haha).

    Good luck by the way, you'll love it an you'll make sum great mates too :D
  10. Thats interesting, i always thought i'd need a good iron but its the one thing thats not on my kit list of things to take!!! Are you at Pirbright doing your basic?
  11. I start basic in pirbright on the 18th, Im joining the Signals. I only did selection last wed-thurs, so got through pretty quick.
  12. That is quick. I passed 2 weeks ago and i thought that was rushed through. Well done for passing selection. Where about did you go to go it?
  13. I went to glencourse, how about you? Have you got all your stuff ready to go then?
  14. Hiya,

    I'm off to Lichfield on the 25th June.

    I got to week 11 last summer before DAOR, so I've got a fair idea of what Basic involves.

    I've got a list of kit which I will be taking, most of which I either bought once I had arrived last year or wish I had.

    Would it be of benefit to you guys to post that list on here?

    It's a lot more complete than the rubbish list the ACIO sends you and a lot of the stuff on there, you may find, will make your life a lot easier!

    What do you reckon? Do you want it?
  15. I'm going to Lichfield on the 10 September. Went on selection on 24 January! It's being dragged out becoz I'm not old enough to go in for adult entry until August. Anyone else for the Royal Engineers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!