Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by culhann, May 30, 2006.

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  1. First of all hello.

    I'm heading of to do my phase one training in Aug and was wondering what is involved in this. I am also heading of in Sept to do my phase
    two training and was wondering what is involved in this. Could you also tell me if there is a medical when you get to Catterick as i am a bit overweight, 6ft, 15st 6lb, although i do run 3-4 miles 3 times per week and can do the 1.5mile run in 10:49, thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Write in lower case you tool, plus ask sensible questions you fat cnut.
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  4. Perhaps if you were to edit your original post, in lower case and added some punctuation people may find it easier to read and understand, and therefore more inclined to answer your questions.

    I'm sure Helfyyr can read upper case. But when you write with a pen and paper, do you write in upper case then? I assume not, so it's not too much to ask to not do it here.
  5. Well all he had to do was say that and that would be fine, but instead he calls me a tool and a fat cnt and tells me to ask sensible questions and sorry but i didn't know it was an englsh grammar test, but i will try in the future.
  6. You want to be in my world, not vice-versa; remember that...

    Clearly laid out questions next?
  7. Fair enough, forget phase one, phase two what is involved as in fieldcraft, how long are you in the field, what is involved in the CFT, what sort of drill is involved in it, do you get a liquor at night, do you do a run every morning and if so how far do you run, all those questions basically.
  8. What exactly is it that you have applied for? I wont have the answers mind you, but that would help anyone who does.
  9. I am in the Royal Irish Rangers, which is infantry TA and am going to Catterick for two weeks phase 2 training and just basically wanting to know what to expect when i get there. Cheers.
  10. Phase one is basic training where you become a capable soldier and phase two is where you learn your trade. Eg, if you were to become a tankie in phases two you would learn how to operate your vehicle to the best of your ability and handle the comms kit in it. If your joining the infantry their is no phase 1 or 2 just one 21 week curse where you will become a full bred killing machine!
  11. Is AFC Harrogate easier going to start and build recruits up,anyone???
  12. Cheers Skullda-bash but sorry i forgot to mention that i am in TA, so it will be phase1 which is here in N.Ireland in Ballymena, then phase 2 is in Catterick but not too sure what that involves. Do you think i'll still become a killing machine.?
  13. It seems fairly unlikely unless your weapon of choice is inane questions or causing death by capital letter eye-bleeding techniques.

    As a semi-serious answer have you considered asking your unit/the unit conducting training what is required to allow yourself to prepare? This is surely a more sensible solution than your current crap crusade...
  14. That depends on your perspective. Yes, the course is longer (42 wks) and less strenuous, at least initially. However, the drop-out rate (and I hesitate to use "failure rate") is higher than the Adult Entry units such as Pirbright.

    Why? Because the soldiers are younger (16-17) and can sign off if they miss their Mums - as many do.

  15. I can safley say it all depends what regiment you're going to join! if you join para regt they'll hold it against you the fact you went to harrogate for your phase2 especially those who do the CIC PARA at catterick and you only do half after beig FOJ'd (friend of joe'd) to death at harrogate