phase 1 -nerves!-

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sweetsoutar, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. Hi any1 startin phase 1 soon? i am 20th april at Pirbright and just wondering is any one sh**ing their pants? :)
  2. To be honest mate I think you are bloody lucky to be starting so soon. I have still got another 2 months to wait.

    My advice, stop fcuking whining and look forward to it. If you are scared and don't want to go why did you apply in the first place??????
  3. no a way to talk 2 a girl like that is there! i'm only asking a question! sorry mr confident....ur goin 2 be loved with that cocky attitude *not*
  4. will be interested to hear how nervous you are 3 weeks before you start basic. wind yer neck in belano.
  5. well that pissed on your bonfire belano didnt it. HA
  6. more anxious than nerves! will be fine once i'm there! wish i'd never posted anythin now lol
  7. Yea i start pirbright 5th of may and finished work last week so i could brush up on some serious training. I'm shittin it like hell now it's getting closer, just wanna make sure i've done everything i can to prepare before the date though...
    to be honest i can't wait to be beasted till i cry for my mummy like a little girl :D but i'm sure it will all be fine...

    Might see you there eh? Say hi, i'll be the one in the green :roll:
  8. Oh hark at fecking Rambo,if you aint scared or nervous about starting your training,then your the mong.
  9. sweet, no need to be so anxious- remember, there will 30-40 other people in exactly the same position as you. new mates will come instantly, and by the end of the first 2 or 3 days, you will be fine.
  10. haha scarletto said it how it is there! we'll c if ur still not nervous wen ur troop thinks they cant trust you bcos your 2 cocky and cant work in a team!
  11. Sharing your pants? Why? Don't you have your own?
  12. Oh yea, think your first 2 or 3 weeks are like total pt if your a girl cos thats why you have to do 17 weeks where as i have to do 14 :wink:
    Not to worry though, will help you to know what to expect and to be at your best...just try your best whan it counts and good luck!!
  13. PT is what i'm looking forward to most! Not called training for nothing! breaking in2 a sweat knowing your achieving is what its all about! :) Then wen us girlies hav had 3 extra weeks we can run past u lads haha
  14. god bless you.
  15. yea? could probably do that now love :x

    n i've got a feeling pt is gonna hurt...for us all :twisted:
    But good pain