phase 1 NBC?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Mr_Cid, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Ok, so soon i will be attending phase 1 and at some point i will be doing NBC practice or whatever its current name is.

    I was told that this entailed passing through a room filled with CS gas in the full NBC gear, which if not properly fitted will cause the wearers eyes to start welling up and suffer a burning sensation.

    Now i was just wondering if anyone knew what the deal with wearing contact lenses is with this? .i.e the minor degree of common sense i am blessed with tells me wearing contacts whilst suffering inflamation and rawness in your eyes might just be a bad idea. Doe's this pose a risk of eye damage if contacts are worn whilst taking part in this 'exercise'? Are people advised not to wear them during? If so, should i leave the contacts out for a period of time after said activity?

    I did a few searches with the key words NBC, CS gas, eyes, nothing of relivence arose.

  2. I think you get lenses fitted into the mask, thats what I was told on my Phase 1.
  3. corrective lenses fitted to mask or you may get glasses inserts made to your eyesight requirment

    do not wear your contacts what so ever you will be asked before entering if you have any in

    if you do wear them CS which is little particels like dust can get inbetween the eye & lense. it will create an extremely sore eye
  4. Thankyou for the replies and the information.
  5. and once you go into the will be asked to remove your mask and shout out your personal number.....then you can leave the room and remember this is while the gas is in the room
  6. Please please please its a Respirator and a Respirator testing facility!
    The lesson is Confidence in the fit of the respirator and its a little more than walking through a room full of CS.
    you will need to have lenses fitted into your respirator contacts will just slip with all the eye watering going on.
    The whole lesson is around 45 minutes in the facility.
  7. Ah, righty didn't realise it actually involved taking the respirator off inside the building aswell, sounds fun. Thanks for all the help.
  8. In short and simple terms you wear your Contact Lenses your eyes will prity much get burnt out, but the DS should give you a Mandatory Safety Brief beforehand!!!!! A bit like a Range Safety Brief, to check knowone is wearing them!!!!! So no rocking up on the day wearing them to get out of it as has happened a couple of times with me....little shites!!! :evil: :evil:

    Get the correct lenses fitted, you neeed to get your Eye perscription signed off on a form by a qualified practcioner the forms available from available from MO/Admin Office and then take it in to your CQ and it should get sorted out by them.
  9. To further the above comments CS is a crystaline powder, therefore it scratches causing microscopic cuts imagine that behind your contacts.
  10. Yea, don't sound like a great idea heh, what about after the practice? Should i just leave contacts out for the rest of the day to be onteh safe side? I hate doing PT and such with glasses on, but i'm as helpless as a blind baby seal trying to swim in set jelly without corrective lenses.
  11. i think you might have to keep them out to be on the safe side. i put my specs on after our test. probably because my instructor asked for name rank and number. when he heard my accent he started asking other questions and kept me there for a while longer. character building stuff. anybody else who was on that course will remember I LOVE CS
  12. Funny that, the exact same thing happened to me. Some of the training team had just come back from the emerald toilet, and decided to take it out on the only bloke from Norn Iron in the platoon (me). I got as far as my regi number, rank and half way through my surname before nearly collapsing! They continued to ask me daft questions about whether I enjoyed blowing things up etc before finally letting me out. The whole time they were asking me these bone questions, I was break dancing around the chamber, unable to breathe.

    CS always hit me like a bowling ball to the head, even as a wee lad (don't ask), so it was a memorable day. Found out recently that I have asthma, so that explains the reaction a bit!

    Have a nice day in the RTF!
  13. Suffered when i got out of the chamber though. wasnt the worst one in my platoon. one before me looked like he was break dancing and was comical.
    my platoon commander was hilarious though. hadnt done the drills in a live chamber before and got 1 whiff of the gas. you had never seen anybody run out of the chamber as quick...the second linford christie.

    i'm sure the cs must play havoc with the asthma though.
  14. You're a bit of a cunt aren't you. How would someone get to the position of Platoon Commander without having been in a chamber before?

    Is this a wah?
  15. As a Recruit during training the drill that you are required to carry out which experiances you in the effects of CS should be run in the following manner only. The same drill is done to troops who will be working with CS and also every CBRN Instructor that passes through The Defence CBRN School in Winterbourn Gunner.

    The drill is as follows.

    Student stands at opposite wall from the exit.
    He is instructed when he removes his S10 to walk towards the CBRN Assistant who is stood by the exit.
    At the exit he is to give his Number Rank and Name.
    He then exits the RTF and is then under the controll of the CBRN Instuctor who runs throught the procedure after exiting.

    Nothing more nothing less.

    When i was at Winterborne Gunner SIB were there interviewing one of the students on the course about an incident where this lesson was filmed and the drills were carried out incorrectly, i.e. 'recruts break dancing' on the floor.