Phase 1... moved to Bassingbourn?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by LS89, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Has Phase 1 for Int Corps recruits moved from ATR Winchester to Bassingbourn?
    I was at my 2nd recruiters interview and said this... is it true?
  2. I dont know mate, but you shouldnt be complaining I done basic at bassingbourn and the training staff are damn good there! and the whole area is good for ex and phys.
  3. no complaints coming from me, just curiosity!
  4. Haha, well yeah id say you will be goin there mate, i mean im re-enlisted so i gotta go through basic again, and they are putting me to pirbright instead of bassingbourn, the whole regime is changed now.
  5. As far as I'm aware, Phase 1 training for Int Corps recruits will be moving to Pirbright (September or perhaps earlier). This is what I've gathered from several interviews and one of the ASCB presentations on the ATRs. I'll be able to confirm after I go to Chicksands for the final selection.

    Weighing up pros and cons, I'd rather be at Pirbright; all the Army's girls go there for P1, its poncy southern weather (compared to Bassingbourn), and I grew up a few miles down the road.
  6. The females are already trained at Pirbright, not sure about the blokes.
  7. Not all.

    Some go through (in both senses) Bassingbourn :wink:
  8. pirbright would be brilliant, as its about 5 minutes away haha. winchester is pretty close too. but yes, if any one finds out/knows the official answer, please do tell :D
  9. At my selection, i was told that Winchester is now dealing with only juniour entry, and Int corps was being moved to Pirbright.
  10. From September, Winchester will just do Junior Entry, Bassingbourn will train Armoured Corps, Engineers and REMEs (blokes only) and Pirbright will train the rest, including all the birds.

    Therefore should be Pirbright for you...!

    Simple eh? :D
  11. Yes I think youll find the previous post is correct
  12. In answer to all of your questions, here is what I know to the best of my knowledge.

    Int Corps phase 1 will move to Pirbright. The reason for this is simple. Most, if not all, female phase 1 is going to be moved there anyway so that they can be trained in single gender platoons in an effort to reduce the exiating high injury rate for them in mixed gender training caused by females trying to keep up with the lads. This is plain fact and not old fashioned stereotyping.

    Int Corps males will move to Pirbright at some point TBC in order to synchronise their pass out date with that of the females which will allow everyone to start phase 2 together without anyone hanging around at Chicksands doing crappy holding platoon jobs.