phase 1 in 9 days!

Catterick sounds like it's going to be warm this time of year, a warm and happy place, can't wait to start..I heard theres nothing like a run in the ice to calm the soul, and make you feel good about yourself.

Again, I can't wait.
good for you...yawn...enjoy
You wait til your tired and freezing your bollocks off and dreaming of mcdonalds ..
Piss wet through after section after section attack , shivering like **** for hours on an ambush , thunderflashes chucked into the harbour area in the middle of the night :lol:
Wondering what your mates are doing besides spinning your missus ..
That will put the "iceing " on the cake .. :lol:
lol... when I first read that ... phase 1 in 9 days I thought it was a TA timescale thing... :)

Good Luck...

By the way anyone know if they go to otterburn in phase 1?.... Otterburn in DEC is a barstool! (been there done that... more snow on top of me bergen than on the ground I looked like a walking peak
Selection is same as any other part of the Army but you need to achieve 9:30 on the run, and no, from what I've heard it isn't easy.
Good luck at Catterick mate!
It's cold enough up here in the North without it going to be the coldest winter in 63 years!!!

I've been running lately though (it was -4C this morning) and its fine when running as it keeps you warm and a nice chilly wind is nice to cool your skin down and you don't get as sweaty :) Just make sure you warm up well in the cold weather!

Good luck!

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