Phase 1 fitness

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by lemonkettaz, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Anyone that has done basic what is the level of fitness across the board? I mean are there people that go there who have slacked off and lag behind in the PT, or is everyone up to the standard these days?

    I guess I'd like to be one of those at the front of the pack rather than someone who is constantly struggling.

    At the moment I can run 1.5m in 9:40/50 on average at a push (aiming to get that down further)

    As for distance I can run 10mile, furthest i've ran is 12-14mile, not at a great pace.

    Not sure on 2min press ups and situps but i'd get over 50 for both and pull ups I am currently doing 3 sets of 7 a day
  2. Your fine, Your run time would put you at the top of the middle third.
  3. Your fitness is better now than when I started my basic! Took me over 11 minutes to run the mile and a half. Got that down to 9:20 within 6 weeks, and now run an easy mid 8 minutes. (okay, 3 years later)
  4. Yes.

    Absolutely not.

    Naturally :lol:

    If your going para, hopefully thats with really good upper body fitness, if not then you need to be faster for para, otherwise for other arms no problems because all other arms are better anyway and that's fine for them(obviously they don't mind better, 8:15 and under is rated excellent in the army).

    Again no problem, this is starting to look like a "look at me" not general questions about Phase 1.

    Again no problem, but all of my opinion is worth crap if your not doing any of these correctly with propper form and not running on hard terrain, with crappy shorts and crappy shoes and a shitty t-shirt that lets you become freezing in a light breeze that is tucked in at all times(as was during phase 1 for me and the people in my job role) and with a section commander thinking in his head that he would really like to hit you all across the head with a bat rather than to waste anymore of his time training you ball bags rather than have a nice relaxing day at his regiment with trained soldiers.