Phase 1 Final Ex Question.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by David2008, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. Can any of you guys tell me the distance of the loaded march on the first day of the final ex, and the weight carried?
  2. No, because it's different on every excercise and down to the troop staff.
  3. It depends on your ATR, troop/platoon staff and location of final exercise. We didn't do any official loaded march, just the usual tab to the harbour area (which could be any distance).

    Our full kit on final ex weighed in excess of 95lbs. Considering the RCFT was 6 miles with half that weight, they're not going to march you into the ground and get you injured for the rest of the exercise.
  4. Oh right i must be reading up an outdated programme. i didnt actually think there was a loaded march 'test' either, but if there was i was expecting something like 12 miles with 20kg at least, although im not joining infantry so i dont think it would be exceeding that amount.

    Do you know if adult entry gets a family day too? i done junior entry 2 years ago and left on week 10 (im a t1t i know) and we got one on week 4 just before the BF tour, im asking this because it also doesnt show one on this programme im looking at (from google) so far i havnt got it from my AFCO but if i remember we only got our programme list on day 1 of basic.
  5. Yeh there's a families day in which you do the demonstrations etc and then you get to spend the rest of the day with your family
  6. It's different on every exercise as weather, harbour locations, training staff and so on will all be a factor. It's also not so much a loaded march or any kind of test, it's simply a tab into the harbour area which is something you'll want to get used to. If you want an idea of what it might be like though, mine was 3.5 miles with about 90lbs of equipment in Brecon conducted as a patrol.

    Ahhh baby heads...

    Anyway, depending on your training staff, you might be lucky enough to leave your bergan at the harbour when you go on patrols. Or if your unlucky, your training staff might make you carry them around with you on patrols as well. :twisted:
  7. Same, funnily enough :twisted: Hopefully O***u never made it out of that place.. :oops:
  8. 90lbs of kit? In basic training? Are you sure about that, sounds a bit over the top. I'm sure it might have felt that heavy but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that heavy. When I did my cadre I was carrying about that but I did have the GPMG, a belt of 200, 4 mags of 5.56mm and two 351 batteries on top of 4 days rations and all the rest of the stuff you lug around with you. Last time I checked you don't get trained on GPMG or radios in training so I can't see what you were carrying to make up an additional 30lbs or so.
  9. I don't recall having 6,000lbs of equipment either. Possibly a bit more than the CFT weight but not by much. I call BS on the I was tabbing with 90lbs during basic.
  10. Oh is it :eek:

    I was expecting the tabs to be alot more than that, well at least i can think im doing enough fitness out here now i should be well prepared (im doing 3 miles in about 23 minutes) im not sure if thats a time to laugh at or a time i should be happy about? i dont do the 1.5 milers anymore but the last time i did i got 9:48.
  11. Tabbing on PT you will go at 4mph. Tabbing on exercise is slower because you are carrying a bit more weight and you are moving tactically.
  12. on my final ex we did something like 3 miles. however a 3 mile of brecon can be harder then a 10 miler along roads.

    and before i deployed on exercise we weighed our kit and it came to roughly (this was a while ago, so iv dusted off the old grey cells):

    bergan - 27kg ( 60lbs)
    webbing- 6kg (13lb)
    +ancillaries (picks, rifles 2.5kg, helmets a good kg, plus all the random tools and shit you keep in your combat jacket)

    we were on ex in the middle of winter in brecon, and the rule was all issued kit except from helly hansens and hats and gloves.

    so we had issued doss bag and bivi, issue fleece and norgies, ful set of dry kit, gimptex and basha plus poles, full cbrn, 5 days rats, water and then all the usual exercise stuff we usually carry.

    even our full screws said we would be carrying around 100lbs all told, once all your kit got wet and goping plus you were carrying all the rounds.

    at the end of the day it depends on your troop. we were that troop who were always doing drill in the evenings, getting a thrashing at the end of pt, getting thrashed in the corridors morning noon and night.

    when your carrying exercise weight, be sure it will hurt. 14 weeks is not enough time to develop the ability for carrying that weight for long periods of time with comfort.

    at the end of the day, you will not be expected to do things that are beyond your ability. if the rest of the troop is doing it, you can!
  13. Theres no tests on Final Ex.

    The Loaded March test takes place on the final week of Basic Training. It's a 6 mile tab with Burgen (Weight depending on your chosen corps) and weapon.
  14. Right i got it, just an old mate from my old platoon was trying to bullsh1t me into saying they were doing 15+ mile tabs and all that sh1te, probably just his ego.

    Yes i would imagine brecon is very tough terrain considering the SAS do their selection up there, still will be a good experience i hope.
  15. 15 mile tabs my arrse! A bit like if you've been to Tenarife he's been to Fifteenaife. Seriously, no matter what course you do in the Army you can put money on it that somebody else who did the course beofre you had t harder. There was more drill/ more pt/more BS etc.
    Having said that my JNCO cadre extraction tab was about 15km or so. We started at Imber Village and finished at Rollestone camp. Now that was a fcuking emotional experience!