Phase 1 Dress Code

When i turned Upto basic i was just in Jeans and T-Shirt, Some people wore suits, some were in Tracksuits, then again, i was on the train leaving from Liverpool lol. I'd say best to look smart-ish, but not over dress.
Suit, cant go wrong with a suit. Nice 3 piece pinstripe dark in colour and nice shiny shoes, brogues preferably.

Oh, and a nice shirt and tie, nothing to loud, pail blue or pink is best with cufflinks.

I just noticed your lady type, short skirt, shorter the better, low cut top, and no knickers or bra, first impressions last and all that....
A witty T Shirt along the lines of "Adolf Hitler European tour 1939 - 45" usually goes down well and breaks the ice with your instructors who will find your sense of humour refreshing Lady D.

Having said that, stockings, suspenders & black lacy bra never fails to impress me.. :wink:
not a chance lady.D. The staff and instructors will positively love you and give you everything you ever dreamed of, your wish will be their command......
Lady.D said:
Hahaha i think ill get sent home if i turned up like that dont you think??
If you follow devilish's suggestion I can't see you getting sent straight home................but whether you get much training done is another matter.


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Lady.D said:
Hahaha i think ill get sent home if i turned up like that dont you think??
If you are coming to my atr, I will welcome you with open arms, and escort you to my comfy and very private office. Purely as a gentleman, to keep you safe from lecherous young men, naturally.
OFand H behave yourself...don't listen to him Lady.D,as we speak he's wearing stockings and suspenders and flagellating himself with a ruler!!
Lady.D said:
Hello, Can anyone tell me what the dress code is for arriving at phase 1??? Please xx :?: :?:
Still have your old school uniform? short skirt,white socks etc and you will receive the rapt attention of staff!

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