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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Trigz, May 8, 2008.

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  1. I'm curious to know the extent of hard work and discipline that's involved in basic training. Don't get me wrong, I'm not shy of hard work but as the 2 week till basic margin nears I'm becoming rather inquisitive to it. Can anyone give us the lowdown on a) sleep deprivation (if any), b) amount of fitness involved i.e. daily runs, exercises, activities etc, c) discipline regarding eg. having your locker turned out for a minor crease, things like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. hi there the first week will go pritty fast as you will be signing loads of paper work and getting your kit this part is just to get used to your new home. you will be getting a fair few injections so i hope your not needle shy what i would advise is get a good iron to take with you you won't need a ironing board as you will be able to get one from the naffi and its alot cheaper. another thing is once light out GO TO SLEEP people will be staying awake as its is exciting this was one of my worst things i did in basic training talking till 11 and 12 o'clock then your knackered when you go to get up at 5.30 to was yourself and brush yourteeth and believe me it will catch up to you in lessons. Another little tip is ask the lads in your room if they fancy putting money together to get a hoover but ask your section commander if its ok mine told me to get one and all the other sections kept wanting to use ours all the time until they got one. on the exercise part you will have already done your selections and passed im guessing anyway so aslong as you keep relitively fit for when you go in the PTI will get you fit. Untilyou have passed off the square and got your barret and got rid of that c*nt cap you won't really be allowed to go for a run or to the gym by yorself as you won't really know the barracks that well. On the discipline part of course you will get your locker done over this is to break you and p*ss you off but it is about getting the weaker ones out and keeping the stronger ones but it won't happen until the 6 weeks passing off parade you might get things thrown out now and again but just don't let it get to you. Jesus just talking about this brings back loads of brillient memorys if you don't mined which training centre you going to this was all based on ITC Cattrick so it might be different and alot laid back at other centre i don't know but all the best
  3. Thanks a lot for the throrough reply, it was looking like for a while that no one was going to :salut: that's exactly what I needed to know. I'm off to pirbright for phase 1 so the heads up should put me in good stead mentally. How long was it since you done basic? sounds like a few years ago.
  4. serial_2k,

    Do you know anything about 'prison'? I've heard that a failed locker inspection could result in some time in prison on the barracks, I don't know if this is true or not, please could you provide some info about this.

    Many thanks.
  5. "people will be staying awake as its is exciting "

    Nope, thats bandcamp sonny
  6. oldbaldy

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    Dirty locker is Field Punishment No1.
  7. there is always one cnut who doesnt know his arrse from his elbow, make sure you get him into shape, help him out but dont do it for him...if he is sh*t, no doubt it will reflect badly on all of you.....get yourself sorted then get all the useless cnuts up to speed!

    i only did my 2 weeks basic (T.A) and i know it is nothing compared to 12 weeks but as said above, it will catch up with you so get your kit and locker squared away then get some sleep!

    getting your locker trashed is all part of the fun!

    good luck
  8. Amen to that! I'm training a guy at the moment at work for my job, I'm 23, he's 41 and he has got to be the densest guy going. It looks like I'll have some recent experience to go into basic with regarding dipshits who can't pull their weight. HAVE IT! lol
  9. its 14 weeks and yeh, who doesnt enjoy spending hours fixing your locker up then it being pulverised?? happens but just deal with it
  10. I would imagine it would seem harsh even by army standards but a certain inkling in my mind doubts it. I could be wrong however.
  11. smart arse! :D
  12. Can't wait!!!! :D
  13. Your be sleep deprived by the second week its the shock of it which does it. My section were going to bed at 11 - 11.30 waking up 5.30 only into the 4th week did we start getting to bed earlier. The worst time is classroom lesson your head will start to nod like the dog in back of cars, but you should be told to stand up if you feel yourself going.

    Amount of fitness we were told, we will be doing i think it was 82 sessions of PT in 14 weeks could be more but cant remember exactly. But remember your get the PT then theres drill practice and marching round camp and the favorite quote press up position down etc...

    discipline believe me after getting fucked around in your own time you learn quickly if you don't you go on show parade or get sent to guard house. As for turning out you lockers they do it don't take it to heart just improve. My first inspection my t-shirts got pulled out just because 1 wasn't in line with the others. Just get it right they still get you on small stupid things. One guy in my section i think was on show parade nearly ever night just because he didn't take our advise.

    Humor is the only thing you have to have turned on all the time once the staff get to know you they start having a laugh with you. Especially when they do it on inspections my section bdr had my part of the room crying from laughter.
  14. Hypno85 that is a true example about nodding off in lessons the having to stand up i once nodded off and the cpl smashed 2 mag's together right next to me ear i nearly droped a floater in my 95's there and then and it was 4 years ago when i did my CIC at cattrick at vimmy barracks then went on to somme
  15. Haha one guy in my troop got caught by our troop cdr, he said he was writing with his head on his arm he weren't he was gone he soon heard the words push up position down he was down there for about 5mins woke him up.

    They say stand up when your tired expecting 1 or 2 to during lesson but at one point the whole troop was. Troop cdr turned to the power point and by the time he turned round we were all up he laughed and said lets take you lot for a jog round block. Worst one i found was after a PT lesson then drill straight after then lesson, i stood up and still managed to fall asleep all i remember is a poke to my forehead and me falling into my chair. :lol:

    "Death by power point"