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I have recently been accepted to join the army, and my date of joining is the 28th July at ATR Pirbright. I am obviously well pleased to have got through recruitment, but I am dissapointed that I am having to wait 5 months to join. When I first went into the AFCO in November, my recruitment Sergeant told me that there was a waiting list you could go on if you wanted to go in earlier (ie you could potentially take the place of someone who drops out). I have been back in touch with my AFCO, but the original Sergeant who took me through the process has left, and another has took his place. When I asked him about going earlier he just said that its not possible, and to just wait until July! Does anyone know if this waiting list is true, or do I just take what the second Sergeant has said as gospel? I will wait until July, I just did'nt want to be sitting on my thumbs for another 5 months!
Don't look on it as a negative, turn it positive.

Use the five months to prepare.

Learn to Iron (if you can't already). Get into a routine. Up at the same time everyday, eating meals at the same time etc etc and most importantly stay on top of your phys.

It will make your time in training more tolerable.

Much time in the Army is about waiting - waiting to go on course, when on course waiting to get back to your unit, waiting to go on tour, when on tour waiting to go home.

If you letting waiting annoy you it will drive you insane. (That little bit of patience might also help keep you out the poo!)
Thanks for the advice. I am training 3 times a week, so hopefully I will be fit enough to cope with basic. I currently run 5km 3 times a week, and am looking to steadily increase that from now until July. Do you think that this will be enough?

Training 3 times a week is plenty at the moment, you don't need to go over board as you still have quite a few months to go, but don't just focus on running, train for all-round fitness.

Work on strength and explosive power exercises will serve you best, basically train for what you will be doing in the army, i.e. Running, Lifting etc... Steadily increase the training as you may peak too soon. Work out an overall training plan for the next 3 months that steadily increases in intensity, but make sure you get enough rest as you could suffer from overtraining which will be detrimental to your improvement.

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