Phase 1 Change in ITG Programme

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. Having had no replies on the original board, thought I'd post the question here....

    I have heard that there are changes afoot, again, a new CTP comes out in October to be started in January, any other RTC staff heard this one?
  2. Are you referring to the amalgamation of Phase 1A and Phase 1B?
  3. Yes - There is going to be a major change called CMSR09, I've heard that it will be published soon & begin to kick in early 09
  4. Yes - There is going to be a major change called CMSR09, I've heard that it will be published soon & begin to kick in early 09
  5. I've hard rumblings that the RTCs are taking back the Alpha training back from the Regimental Training Teams, but apart from that I'm still looking for extra info so that I can brief people in my squadron.
  6. Prae, Guy, thats already happened with us and should have happened with all RTWs, we've been running with the combined 1a &1b since Feb, leaving the RTTs to do the very basics ie initial Drill, how to wear and care for the uniform plus Regt'l histories and personalities.

    I've heard the new programme is back to 7 w/es so am looking forward eagerly to ITG re inventing the wheel.

    GB, if its possible and you get your grubby mitts on a CTP any chance of firing it off to me?
  7. Our RTW does exactly as you've described above FF, however I've heard rumblings that even the most basic of lessons such as kit care are going to be reabsorbed into the RTC's syllabus.

    Are the 7 weekends going to be the same as what they were last year whereby recruits are taught drill, values and standards etc for the first couple before going onto SAA, CBRN et al for the later ones?
  8. We already do the entire A and B package, no input delegated out to the Unit training teams prior to starting. The one thing we do do is allow the Inf Bn to do weekends 7,8 and 9 of the B package (all infantry blokes anyway).
    The changes, as I understand them, will involve the removal of all BCD and CBRN prior to the Phase C training. SUT's will then have to return to the RTC's for some form of 'continuation' to conduct their BCD and CBRN training.
    I don't know if they will reduce the number of weekends at Phase A and B, or find something to fill the time, i.e. some range work, extra time in the field.
    Is anyone else currently experiencing the problems associated with the lack of an 'M qual'? Meaning that without it you are unable to take soldiers on any form of BE or BL which involves the use of Blank Ammunition. SAA, RMQ or any brecon courses do not count. Not sure about the LFTT course. This doesn't apply to ex-regs who did SAAand range quals. It's purely an umbrella, that's gone up after someone somewhere fukced up! Still a pain in the arse!
  9. OTB, that sounds very much like what we did before all this, OA&S did 4w/es then ATR for 2 weeks then back to us for a further 3 or 4 I cant remember, theres been so many changes, I do recall having dedicated w/es of CBRN, and Nav&BCD to gether with a 3w/e range package after ATR!

    As to the M qual, our STW ran two course at the start of the year for 60+ pax at 2Divs request, the total loading for the course was about 30! we managed to put 4 of our RTW instructors on it.
  10. Yeah, didn't they call it Gap training? We did the same many years ago.
    Get's quite frustrating when they keep changing things constantly, particularly when you end going back to something that had worked in the past, if it ain't broke....
    I think our Bde are going to do an on-masse M Qual at some point. Seems daft though, they trust you to go on Ops loaded to the eye-balls with live ammo, but when it comes to ten rounds of blank per man, there's more hoops to jump through than a day at Crufts! C'est la vie!
  11. Well what you doing posting on here then, go and sort yourself out before you ND in your pants....
  12. I think all the BCD & CBRN will be done at 1C, its still wait out re the infantry
  13. that was it Gap training, the one before last....OA&S TAFS2 then ATR with the CBRN, BCD & Nav plus range package after, Inf TAFS2 then 4? w/es then CIC?

    Bugs my happiness too, thank Feck I've still got the lesson packages some where.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    2 excellent points in one post. Is anyone listening?

  15. I was fortunate enough to train under FFBox and the team at Redford RTC. They do an excellent job.

    In fact, if I'm honest, they do the job far better than the DS who taught me when I was in the green in the 80's. No names, no pokey drill.

    OTB's right, it's a mockery. You lot do a fantastic job, often at the expense of family and personal relationships. And what does the Army/MOD do?

    They keep moving the goalposts.

    Health and Shifty (the blame/litigation) gone effin mad.

    It started with the Yanks. That's not as inflammatory as it sounds. It's been slow and insidious.

    Thank you America;

    You gave us burgers (pinched from Germany) to replace our pasties/scotch pies...

    You gave us baseball caps to replace flat caps n bunnets....

    You gave us mocca frotha schemie creamie homogenised "coffee" - even the italians hate you.

    What happened to a cuppa? When was the last time someone called you a "Tea Jenny"??? Be honest, have you ever heard the phrase?

    Ad nauseum!!!

    Are you trying to turn our army into one like yours???

    Are you trying to turn our country into a fcuk up like yours??

    Because if you are, you're nearly there...............


    And Liabour!!??? Stop kissing their arsse!!!

    Let our Forces take the newbies under their wing and say "look son, forget aw that, this is how it REALLY works"

    FFBox et al I salute you

    Rant over (for the moment)..



    the porn tache (that will ring bells)