Phase 1 - Better to be built up or whippet like?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by woozieuk1, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. I am off to Pirbright in January and I want to know (from people with first hand experience) if physically you are better off having a large muscley body or a smaller more agile one whilst in Phase 1.

    Being of a larger frame (over 6 foot and 14 stone) i would like to know if that will be a benefit or an hinderance to me? Not a lot I can do about it but I would like any insight you may have.

    I passed the run time, did 15 heaves and have no problems wit sit ups or push ups.

    Thanks for any help
  2. Hmm, well when I joined up I was 9 stone wet through so I guess thats reasonably whippet like, I reckon if you are well built and fit not fat then you'd do better as you have more reserves to burn off, plus a bit of muscle coupled with a good anerobic threshold would work wonders
  3. I'm also 6ft+ and weigh 14 stone, but it shouldn't matter in Phase 1.

    Tenser muscles can cope well with intense training, and if your stamina isn't good, it will improve within a short amount of time due to your strength capabilites.
  4. I would say being built up is better yes , but only in the way of strong,robust,fit looking type....not the I'm muscley and can't run and I lift weights that the person above(the robust,realy strong,fit) ^^ can do easily.
  5. All I said was that if you're strong, you can concentrate more on your cardio, meaning faster results.. so all in all, nothing to worry about.
  6. being strong will help alot...because mentally you will be strong...and you will find you only have to worry about running , ino I will ..wearing the bergans filled with weight shouldn't be too hard ..anything below 100kg is good to go, seen as I can squat more then that any way, so walking should be easy(er) ?
  7. As long as you can shift your frame around and not be last (aim for the middle to start with) you should be OK.

    As previously stated endurance in more important that outright speed. If you can crack the 1.5 miles in about 9.30/10 mins then you should be OK.

    Again as previously stated, muscle bound gym queens are asking for a hard time and endurance wise they are generally not as good as they think. Especially with weight. Over 6-8 miles.

    Having just been on an instructor course at Pirbright I can confirm that the instructors are all high quality individuals looking to pass you, not weed you out. They will genuinely work hard for you - although you might not appreciate it at the time.

    Good luck and keep smiling.!
  8. As we all know, bigger muscles require more blood to feed from, but it doesn't mean you'll have to stop muscle building in order to develop a good cardio/stamina workout.
  9. I start at ITC Catterick feb, im guessing most people are going to be a bigger frame than me. Im only 5ft 8, 60kgs. Im not weak i can carry my own weight and more, hope its ok lol.
  10. **** me its like the the mongs leading the mongs here.

    how many of you are actually in?

    firstly, 100kg you'd be ******* lucky. most people can squat 100kg in the army, but i suspect even SAS dont carry that kind of weight.

    dont forget, its not just your legs. your back and trunk is heavily involved, as well as the shoulders and traps.

    ask any soldier whos carried a lot of weight (so thats pretty much all of them) its usually your shoulders that cause most of the discomfort not the legs.

    secondly, how long do you squat for? 2 mins at most i suspect. an insertion march can range from a few miles to days so dont assume you will not suffer.

    next, whats that guff about being strong makes you mentally strong. thats the biggest load of balls iv ever heard. how does being able to bicep curl 30kg help you when you havent slept for 4 days, tabbed around for hours every day, digging in all night, not had hot scoff for days, and the weather is alternating between pissing it down and snowing, and all your kit is cold, wet and gopping with mud?
  11. haha your right mate, i know a really strong geezer from the gym who went for selection and in the end he told the corporal to stuff it.
  12. thats is the biggest pile of horseshit i've ever read you are in a world of you're own .. where do u come up with that shit from? 100kg is good to go? lol u wont be carrying anywhere near as much as that. 'being strong will help alot because mentally you will be strong" you've gotta be 15 or 16 to come up with such bollocks.
  13. phase 1 is a piece of piss. As long as you can pass the basic fitness tests and have a good attitiude you will breeze it.
  14. Everyone is different; part of the point of Phase 1 is to get you working together, so the stronger ones help the weaker ones and the fitter ones help those who are struggling. To be honest, it's a bit of a pointless question, because you can't change your build easily. Just make sure you can pass all the basic requirements for CV fitness and upper body strength.