Phase 1 Basic Training, new syllabus??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shakey08, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. Morning all!

    I have just recently completed my RSW at Strensall and due to start the basic training in early Jan.

    At the end of the RSW we were told that we would start the new basic training syllabus, as we are starting in the new year.

    Anybody know the diff between the old and new syllabus?

  2. Excellent question... i want to see what im getting myself into aswell.
  3. Am sure I over heard people saying that the gas chamber stuff has been removed and that more PT is involved.
  4. Well all of the lads doing their phase one where im at, at the moment are still doing gas chamber stuff.....
  5. hmmm not sure then.... probs just Chineese whispers haha...

    We were told if we started our first weekend of basic before the New Year we would be on the old syllabus and if we started in the New Year its the new one!
  6. It's the new TSC - Trained Soldier Course, phases A and B.

    Phase A is the old Phase 1 A and 1 B combined, B being the the old 1 C.

    To be fully implemented by Sept 09 as TSC (A) and TSC (B)

    Correct on the adjustments to emphasis - less CBRN, First Aid and Maps, and more fitness and weapon handling.

    ...can't think why the emphasis has been changed - unless they've all gone infantry centric....?
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Hmmm, most Infantrymen of my acquaintance value mapreading and the ability to plug bleeding holes very highly. CBRN? Another matter entirely.
  8. Do you mean the respirator testing facility? You'll have the BBC sneaking in again!
  9. *Less* first aid and maps?, we probably spent a total of an hour on first aid and map & compass!
  10. Worrying.
  11. Seconded. These are both essential skills.
  12. To be honest it was no loss to me because of previous experience, and from what I can remember this was the same with everyone else.
  13. Possibly due to the availability of instructors? Perhaps a lack of skillys and PTIs at units, and an excess of CBRN instructors?
  14. No lack of skillys or pti's where young shakey is going for his basic, thats a fact
  15. But dont you just know it will all change again by May!.

    I can understand why less CBRN and more Weapon training both lessons and range time, but less Nav & BCD?
    " Ours is not to wonder why...." we just have to get on and teach it in wonderment.