Phase 1 and Re-joiners

I currently have an application to re-enlist into the regular army winging it's way through the system and have been told that the relevant MCM Div will make the decision as to whether I will have to re-do Phase 1 training. It wouldn't particularly bother me if I did have to re-do Phase 1 but would like to find out if it is likely as I would like to start preparing myself as soon as possible.

I left the regular army in September 2001 on a normal voluntary discharge - no med or disciplinary reasons or anything like that. I deployed through Chilwell on Telic 5 recently and came back in May this year. Surely the fact that I had to pass the range of ITDs in order to deploy would indicate that Phase 1 training is pretty unnessecary?

Can anyone in the know about such things give me any indication as to how the decision is made and whether Phase 1 is likely in my case?

Fella...i too re-joined earlier this year,after 8 yrs service and four out....i wos made to go to Phase 1 and told i'd be fast tracked (even had to do the naff 'first nite in the field after 4 wks of 'sucking more eggs than i could count'...wos fast-tracked up the 'wks' til eventually doin a APWT......then playin enemy for a week on exercise!!! Wot a complete and utter waste of mine and the Army's time/money!! Something needs to be set up on a permanet basis for assesment maybe (like the TA)!!
Let me know how u get on......ev'body up at Lichfield couldnt believe that i wos bein made to do is life!!
Thanks for your reply Benny. It does all seem like a bit of a waste of time! Seeing as they made you re-do it I suppose that the same will probably be true for me - Op Telic to Phase 1 in four months (and from an Arm to a Service to boot)! Should be good :wink:
me to ive just rejoined and been told to redo phase one even though i was on op telic last year and i was infantry and now going into a service makes no fecking scence at all
Ah well, if it has to be, it has to be done. Like you say though, it all seems a bit of a waste of time if you only came back from Telic a few months ago. What excatly are they going to brush you up on that justifies the expense? Drill? :wink:
If yr on the ball...they'll thin u out early!! The instructors will defo square u away....mine did,used me as a trg'u could b as good as him...etc!!)
Having a re-tread in a Phase 1 platoon - whilst of little value to the re-tread - can be of tremendous benefit to the platoon itself. Sometimes it can be like having an extra DS on the staff to guide the children through the slings and arrows.

The policy at APC varies between Corps and individuals. If you have a recent op deployment under you belt and a record that makes that clear, then it seems unlikely that you'll need to do Ph 1 again. If you do, relax and take a chance to enjoy it this time around!

well its nice to see that they've brought back the carp hat idea, thing is though isnt it going to look a bit funny when i pass out again wearing a medal, what about the fact that im a grade 1 soilder at the mo and also having my infantry badge on my 2's, anyone know what the deal is with that?
BennyBlanco said:
It stays on mate.....the sprogs'll think yr a demi-god....
Pull up a sandbag, shipmate.

On my most recent passout (Badge no. 6), I wasn't the only recruit wearing medals from previous service or GCBs. My motivation was to give the inspecting officer something to talk about other than my rubbish ironing. :)

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