Phase 1 Alpha

What is this and where can I get a heads up on it before I go?

Any help, advice, whatever - most welcome,

Not this one I reckon:)

This one's something what I think might be basic training or the like as it's a requirement before Tarts and Vicar's.

Wouldn't mind it being Alpha course as have done loads of them but this one's in York if that helps.

C'mon Padre give a man a more specific man! Phase 1 Alpha (Ph1A?) of what?
I wish I knew - All I know is that I have do do a course - Phase 1 Alpha and it's at Strensall Camp.

This is a requirement before the PQO at the factory.

Doesn't mean thing to me - hoped it might mean something to someone, anyone, anywhere :),


Might try the training wing if I draw a blank here.
T.A. Phase 1 Training I believe - living in the field and all that B*****ks.
Does he/she/you mean RT1~6 (phase 1)? or CIC (phase 2) then it's onto the GAP training which is CBRN and stuff I think?
I would also like help on what I should take with me, you know things like tent pegs..well that's about all I can think of really..

*So if anyone knows I would be much thankful, I'm going to look in the wiki, but I don't know what I am looking for (if you know what I mean)

*If you mean Phase one as in RT1~6 then it's every other weekend, and CIC (phase 2) is a two week camp thing and the GAP trainings are done over weekends like the RT thingies!
Sorry I'm not that helpful, but it's all I know.. I have asked people around my TA unit about this but I don't get much in feedback. I now know I need a small towel and a wash-kit if that helps!

*I think it's basic common sense stuff, that will be needed :)
Padre said:
What is this and where can I get a heads up on it before I go?

Any help, advice, whatever - most welcome,

My advice is to stop quoting part abbreviations and spit it out man.
That's the sum of it. I have a telephone number and a location, York, and a course title. This ammounts to the fact that I have to do a Phase 1 Alpha Course'

Fully spat, totally confused!


It might not be a special forces course, but the advice remains the same: phone them up and ask ;)

Will do after tha Bank Holiday. I was just wondering as every other course (and it's mother) seems to be listed somewhere.

All I could find for Strensall seemed to be relating to Army Cadets which made it stranger still.

Oh, well - will ring them on Tuesday.


Padre said:
I wish I knew - All I know is that I have do do a course - Phase 1 Alpha and it's at Strensall Camp.
I maybe very wrong but PQO's do 2 fortnight camps to complete their comissioning (both can be at Sandhurst). The medics can do the first two weeks over weekends, I suspect your doing this (also 2 Med Bde (TA) is based at Strensall - so I guess these courses would be run from there - also being Gods country, quite appropiate)
TA_s starts humming 'On Ilkley Moor'..

Not much idea what P1A is, I thought that padres did an equivilant Vicars and Tarts course at RMAS, inclusive of TA? People just make up names for courses anyway, probably part of the basic mil skills recruit training, getting in touch with Strensall is your best bet. Take an iron, don't need an ironing board as the lockers in most of the rooms tipped over fairly easily, padlocks are handy too... Don't know what 'edutainment' is planned for the course, but perhaps it's worth practicing leaping through windows (open) with finese after a few drinks..

Tarts and Vicars still at RMAS - do it in 2*2 week stints apparently. Apart from I that have an induction course and what I am guessing must be some form of basic training (which is what I think this P1A is all about).

Now what happens about kit? My start date is a week away and I've absolutely nothing to wear!

March into CO's office at 200ft/sec and demand to be issued kit and question just what kind of show he's running. You're going to be padre and thus untouchable..


Talk to your unit on Tues, I'd normally call in the morning and check to see if you can sort it out that night sorted that eve, gives them some time to get things together if they have forgotten or it's not ready yet and saves messing around time when you get there. Maybe it'll be issued at Strensall, who knows? Someone, somewhere will be looking after it I'm sure.

Don't worry about it, it all works out eventually.. usually.

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