Phase 1 Alpha

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Padre, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. What is this and where can I get a heads up on it before I go?

    Any help, advice, whatever - most welcome,

  2. "It is like ten evenings out at the theatre."

    Ha ha!
  3. Not this one I reckon:)

    This one's something what I think might be basic training or the like as it's a requirement before Tarts and Vicar's.

    Wouldn't mind it being Alpha course as have done loads of them but this one's in York if that helps.

  4. C'mon Padre give a man a more specific man! Phase 1 Alpha (Ph1A?) of what?
  5. I wish I knew - All I know is that I have do do a course - Phase 1 Alpha and it's at Strensall Camp.

    This is a requirement before the PQO at the factory.

    Doesn't mean thing to me - hoped it might mean something to someone, anyone, anywhere :),


    Might try the training wing if I draw a blank here.
  6. T.A. Phase 1 Training I believe - living in the field and all that B*****ks.
  7. Does he/she/you mean RT1~6 (phase 1)? or CIC (phase 2) then it's onto the GAP training which is CBRN and stuff I think?
    I would also like help on what I should take with me, you know things like tent pegs..well that's about all I can think of really..

    *So if anyone knows I would be much thankful, I'm going to look in the wiki, but I don't know what I am looking for (if you know what I mean)

    *If you mean Phase one as in RT1~6 then it's every other weekend, and CIC (phase 2) is a two week camp thing and the GAP trainings are done over weekends like the RT thingies!
    Sorry I'm not that helpful, but it's all I know.. I have asked people around my TA unit about this but I don't get much in feedback. I now know I need a small towel and a wash-kit if that helps!

    *I think it's basic common sense stuff, that will be needed :)
  8. My advice is to stop quoting part abbreviations and spit it out man.
  9. That's the sum of it. I have a telephone number and a location, York, and a course title. This ammounts to the fact that I have to do a Phase 1 Alpha Course'

    Fully spat, totally confused!

  10. msr

    msr LE


    It might not be a special forces course, but the advice remains the same: phone them up and ask ;)

  11. Will do after tha Bank Holiday. I was just wondering as every other course (and it's mother) seems to be listed somewhere.

    All I could find for Strensall seemed to be relating to Army Cadets which made it stranger still.

    Oh, well - will ring them on Tuesday.


  12. I maybe very wrong but PQO's do 2 fortnight camps to complete their comissioning (both can be at Sandhurst). The medics can do the first two weeks over weekends, I suspect your doing this (also 2 Med Bde (TA) is based at Strensall - so I guess these courses would be run from there - also being Gods country, quite appropiate)
  13. When did they move strensall to sussex :lol: .I think you mean country cursed by god .
  14. Isn't Essex/Sussex a suburb of London, you all sound the same to me :lol: (except Tamzin Outhwaite as she's got a proper surname)