phase 1 again

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by unwilling_civvy, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Just re-enlisted after MD, whats the chances of me being the nco's plaything :cry: ? at least until the 1st carpet carrying hardman mouths off anyway :lol:
  2. Just keep your mouth shut and dont big it saying you know it all to your Platoon staff or your colleagues. The Platoon Staff will have your records and know but as long as your not acting like you know it all will more than likely be watching to see how you act. If you are constantly saying I know how to do that or I wasnt taught this way expect in coming. If you just do everything they ask and help your muckers without playing the Look at me card they will regard that as good team work.

    On the other hand take lots of Chocolate Hobnobs to bribe the staff.
  3. and dont call The_Iron ginger, he gets offended because he likes them so much.......!

  4. No no, you need to let them know you're an old sweat. They will respect you and expect you to large it up as a 'senior recruit'. Best to arrive wearing sunnies with tan and a thick bushy zappata tache too. Tell your fellow crowes that you are just back from Ops in a sandpit with 'Them', as a civvi contractor.

    Report back here after week 1 to update us. Good luck.
  5. As mentioned above, it could go in your favoure being an 'old sweat' but don't turn up as described by Heartbreaklane. As the Iron says, they will know you are re-enlisted so be the 'Grey Man' for a while and test the water. If you keep your mouth shut when you remeber something, then that becomes an oppertunity to shine and stand out above the other recruits, for the right reasons (but do not be big headed about it, take it in your stride).
  6. in my 1st platoon we had 2 re-enlisters, 1who'd done 25weeks before being md'd (must have been quite annoying that) and 1who was md'd after 4, strangely tho week 25 was nigh on invisable but week 4 never tired of telling everyone the proper way to do things, all very impressive until i noticed the staffs eyebrows lifting half an inch everytime he started up. so i think the way of the gray man is best, having said that i do need to work on my fitness a bit so telling my fellow baby crows iv been playing hide and seek with osama and his pals should make me fitter than a pti's favourite pair of trainers.

    (Gonna give the hobnobs a go tho just in case)
  7. If you've been MD'd how can you re-enlist?
  8. Chocolate Hobnobs.
  9. Had a few Re-enlisters like this in the ACIO, some get an injury during training and ask to leave with a deferrment period. A year or so later depending on injury they can return if they wish. It saves time on physio and holding platoons if the injury takes a while. Obviously the medicals are scrutinised on the new application and if out over a year a full selection process would normally take place.
  10. Fractured ankle on the assault course and after having 4months of rehab the powers that be decided that i was healing to slowly and would be md'd until i was pain free for 12months. bit of a pisser to be honest, especially with the amount of jack bastards who where leaving purely because they didnt like getting up before the sun.

    still happy days