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I am an infantryman in the TA, but want to go into the regular Engineers. Just reading some of the other comments on kit, and would like to know if you are able to use any personal kit at all, such as day sack and Lowa boots during phase 1 and/or 2...I just can't stand issued boots!! I have my system set up as I would like it, and would find it difficult to operate with them shitty side pouches as a day sack.

dont try that in phase one or two , life will be a f*cking mare mate , especially phase 2 , i dont know what it's like now but my B3 cbt engineer course was a complete c*nt.

they will be looking for anyone who sticks out from the crowd for that "special attention"

phrases like "when i was in the TA" should be avoided aswell.
When I was in No you could not use your own equipment, it had to be issue stuff so everone in the section had the same kit. Once we got to Phase 2( Or whatever we called it then....) we were allowed to use own Bergans instead of issue 58 Patt Pack! and I once got away with wearing windproofs on digging in phase exercise.

Finel exercise, the Training NCO's decided that if we had purchased our own equipment, and we could still do the same job in it, we could use it (as long as it was British Mili Pattern).

Hope that helps.....
Don't bank on it mate, many units ban non issue kit anyway, depends on where you go

FTR being the old cnut that I am I actually like the new issue kit and preferred it over some of my non issue counterpart, but I did grow up in the KF Shirt on exercise world 8O
IT is a breaker when you have spent your hard earned money on some piece of gucci kit, Only to be told you cant use it, At Brecon they make you use issue kit for two reasons, Firstly if it breaks or becomes diffy how can you replace it :?: , And secondly in any training establishment they like everyone to have the same equipment, So there can be no one saying that they had an advantage and the fact that some people don't have the money to spend on kit.

It's ok though get through basic and when you get to your unit things will be a little more relaxed as to what you have to use, And what you don't.

I've done both Brecon course's so i can now wear what i like :)
Whats even worse is when you have a green CO and RSM so out come the smocks, danners and chest rigs for 2 years, then a real bullshit crew take over and its back to CBH.

What always gripped me was you could guarentee that after you have donned your freshly starched combats and issue norgis zipped all the way up even though its bloody summer the CO's party would arrive in all sorts of bizarro dress. :evil:
Is there anywhere where I can get an outline of Phase 1.. what happens from day one to finish? Or can sometime note down some basic info week for week.. cheers..
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