Phase 0?

i had a look on search and found no info so will just post my question..

Passed my ADSC in august so have been waiting a wee while, and start phase 1, on the 21st next month.

however because ive been waiting for 6 months i have been put onto a course at bassingbourn, to make sure my fitness is still good enough to start my phase one. My recruiter called it 'phase 0'.

Has anyone else had to do one of these courses before? or is anyone booked onto this course?

I've got a pre phase 1 thing, so I guess you could say it's phase 0! The one I'm booked onto is a cross country thing to I guess just check I haven't become a lard arrse since passing selection!

Also I think it's just a way for the acfo to keep your interest and to confirm they haven't forgotten about you! I'm in the north east so the one I'm on is at Catterick. Plus if you don't have a good reason not to attend it may jepordise a potential start date! Hope this helps!
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