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  1. Courtesy of Cutaway

    (Cuts I just had to share it with the rest of the reprobates on here it really was funny)

    In pharmacology, all drugs have two names - a trade name and a generic
    For example, the trade name of Tylenol is acetaminophen. Aleve is known
    as naproxen, Amoxil is amoxicillin, and Advil is ibuprofen.

    The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After
    consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced it
    has settled on the generic name of mycoxafloppin. Also considered were
    mycoxafailin, mydixadrupin, mydixarizin, mydixadud, dixafix, and of
    course, ibepokin.

    Pfizer Corp. is making an announcement today that Viagra will soon be
    available in liquid form and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power
    beverage suitable for use as a mixer. Pepsi's proposed ad campaign
    claims it will now be possible for a man to literally, pour himself a
    stiff one. Obviously, we can no longer call this a soft drink. This
    additive gives new meaning to the names of cocktails, highballs and just
    a good old-fashioned stiff drink. Pepsi will Market the new concoction
    by the name of Mount & Do.

    The long-term implications of drugs and medical procedures must be fully
    considered: Over the past few years, more money has been spent on breast
    implants and Viagra than was spent on Alzheimer's research. It is
    believed that by the year 2030, there will be a large number of people
    wandering around with huge breasts and erections who can't remember what
    or who they're doing.


    'n Boer maak 'n plan, maar 'n Engelsman maak dit werk.

    "A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." Sigmund Freud
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I think the pharmacology bit has been round the block a couple of times, but I'm chuffed to see you've adopted a good line in signatures.

  3. Bugger! Has it? Sorry then :(

    Ventress if it has been on ARRSE before would you be so kind as to delete this thread.

    Cuts I always credit sources ;) even if they do have a daft siggy :lol:
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I should delete as I dont know what the hell your on about MK!
  5. I think there is a slight confusion with regards to trade and generic drug names: Viagra in this case is a trade name and sildenafil is what it actually is (i. e. a phosphodiesterase V inhibitor). So when some smartarse passes a comment along the lines of: "Aww, you're not feeling too well and had a stressful day at work? I think you should get yourself some sildenafil" - this is not a good sign.

    But mycoxafailin was absolutely brilliant - I just wish they came up with names like that, that actually mean something in real life, and not all those roliprams, zaprinasts, amrinones and methyxanthines. A bloody nightmare!
  6. Ventress it was for all the other poor chaps on here that require such products. We already know you are like a coiled cobra ready to strike etc etc so would have no need of such products :wink:
  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....please stop your killing me........coiled cobra :roll:

    You've never met him have you :wink: