Ph 2 Training at Koegh


Morning folks,
wondering if anyone on here could give me a little help. I'm starting Pirbright in a couple of weeks, and seen all the threads posted about that. Know generally what my job entails (and read 100 threads that start with "what will I do on a daily basis"). However, what I can't find the answer to is;
How much time do you get between your passout parade at Pirbright, and moving yourself and all associated belongings to Keogh? Are we talking long weekend here? or Pirbright wed, Keogh Thursday. The staff at the AFCO are very helpfull with everything upto passing out, but say they have nothing on what happen afterwards.

Just looking for a bit of a headsup really on how things work there etc.

Any information greatfully received and thanks in advance



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It varys mate... I had 10 days between leaving Pirbright and starting at Keogh. It all depends on course start dates. I know a girl troop who only had 1 day off!

Good luck with training! :)


It's deffinatly luck of the draw could be anywhere between 1 day and a month. Half of my course got 3 weeks and some of the girls just got a day. unlucky for them haha

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