PGMO 172 or was it 173? the one with Jedge, Kent, Justin etc

See a few people around every few years but do wonder what the rest of the survisors of theose halcyon days are up to ... and Justin is about to trot off to civ div so we were wondering about a few beers somewhere --- bring your own sandbag and we'll swing a lamp or 2... or something ...
any takers??? Please -- or I'm stick with Jedge and Justin +/- Kent and I' ll have to get v drunk .... no really ....
witchdoctor said:
sorry about the typos ... No 4 board published... had to get v drunk ... no, really ...

ah, No 4 Board results, the cause of much "what the fcuk", "I don't ferkin believe it" and "how the ferk did........." Fortunately it did'nt involve me so I could be an amused spectator!

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