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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by needforspeed, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Could someone please explain how the PFT timies are worked out. IE How is it that a 24 year old female gets 13 mins whilst a 35 year old male gets 11 and a half. Not a dig just wondered how they work it out. Seems a little unfair. :? :? Especially in this world of equal opportunities, where we all get paid the same and have to do the same job. I do not live up to me user name.
  2. Thought you were starting a new magazine. Threaders.

    I agree though, its pump.
  3. Being the weaker sex, females as physically inferior to your average male.
    They make up for it with their natural ability to cook, clean, and swallow 15 inches of throbbing man meat.
  4. I raise you this which I think proves you wrong on all counts!,,2-2007421038,00.html
  5. Prison officer. I bet she loves that. Horror bags.
  6. Lezzers are just wannabe men :wink:
  7. surely, if boys could finish at the same time as girls,the result would be lots of slavering,red-faced sweaty men lined up behind the nearest jiggly girly bottom,dribbling into their shoes instead of giving best effort?? :?
  8. Unless of course it was your bottom. A bit like running behind a hippo I'd assume. :wink:
  9. do i LOOK like i do running??? Sharpen up mate!
  10. Fair point, I stand corrected.
  11. Any chance someone could answer the question?? :(
  12. needforspeed...unless someone takes your question seriously which I doubt then the answer has to be no.

    Those two birds from the Sun article scared the shit outa me
  13. Females have less muscle mass than males and their lung capacity is less than a male, hence the longer time to complete the run.
  14. RMP.....her dream job? You just know that she's lying. The 'manly' one looks very err.......manly.
  15. If you are coming in 13 minutes male or female you need to be taking yourself away and having a quiet word with yourself in the mirror

    However there are some physical assesments which are gender free such as the CP fitness test. You have to get under the same time male or female supposedly, just depends who the OC is at the time if they stick to it!!