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PFT Times, thought for the day.

You'd learn to run fast with a pride of Lions chasing you :D Mind, good luck to the bloke, he's an exceptional athlete, even at an age when most runners are thinking of giving up.
That's what a lifetime's dedication to the event on top of a whopping portion of natural talent will do for you.

Personally, I souldn't keep that pace up over the 1.5 mile let alone 26-odd. But I'm an idle desk-jockey, not a lean, gazelle-like mile-muncher.
All well and good, but when is the last time he went out, drank 6 litres of Krombacher, 10 scotches, smoked 20 B & H, had a big kebab, went to bed at 3, got up at 6 and then passed his PFT?

Doing it the easy way makes you soft.

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