PFT - Test or Assesment ?????

Just done PFT, Annon fullscrew fails nearly 3 mins outside of time ( not moi !!!! ), talking to PSI later over a brew and attitude of said PSI is, ' ah well, fullscrew x is in trade, and current etc. etc. who gives ?
times like this i scratch my bonce and cogitate, is it worth the effort to tick my boxes, when apathy prevails ??
question is, test or assesment ?; must pass or just best effort ?
Passing a PFT is no longer a bounty qualification requirement. I have posted the letter from Land up in this forum, but can't lay my hands on it right now.

The PFT is an assessment- it cannot be used as a bounty requirement as it is sexist in its nature eg. 'fail' a male soldier on the run even though he finishes before a female soldier.

Its meant to be used so that the CO can get a view of the fitness across his unit and the apply remedial PT in the appropriate areas/sub-units.

I was talking to a very senior MOD civilian this weekend about the way that the army assesses fitness, expect changes soon!

The new thing seemes to be environmental fitness. Everyone that went down with heat illness during telic 1/2/3 showed low V02 readings, so expect a greater leaning towards cardio type tests/assessments.
msr said:
Passing a PFT is no longer a bounty qualification requirement. I have posted the letter from Land up in this forum, but can't lay my hands on it right now.

Although it is unclear whether to attempt or complete the PFT is a bounty requirement as it is not specified in the letter you refer to. There is likely to be some problems from this as some units apply one rule and some another.

I fear we have thrown out the baby with the bathwater on this one. The test was sexist in allowing a female soldier in the same role as her male colleague to qualify for bounty on a much lower standard. To remove the test completely, however, I believe was not the way forward.

If we applied a base level of PFT pass to everyone, regardless of sex or age, we could link this to bounty.

If a soldier passed this 'base level' of PFT would be graded amber and qualify for bounty. They would still be liable for remedial/additional PT but would be at a level where pre deployment training could bring them to their required green PFT pass level.

A soldier failing to reach this base level would be graded red, and not qualify for bounty as it would be an indication that pre deployment training would not be able to raise their level of fitness to that required.

In doing this we would address some of the concerns of the CoC on TA fitness, satisfy equality and diversity legislation and continue to link bounty qualification to achieving a standard suitable for deployment.
Praetorian said:
So, to clarify.....

CFT is needed to be passed for bounty

PFT merely needs to be attempted?
Distinct lack of clarity.

Yes CFT pass required for bounty.

LAND paper states that passing PFT is not linked to bounty qualification. Previous sources have stated all MATTs must be passed. Some units have decided PFT must be attempted to qualify; some that PFT must be completed to qualify and, presumably, some that there is no requirement to even attempt it to qualify.
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