PFT Run Times

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by machiavelli, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. OK here we go havent posted in a while but im after some sensible answers please.....

    Me- 30 Yr old slightly heavy (100 kg) but 6ft tall. - "rugby player build"

    Fitness - can pass all of the tests PFT, CFT, ACFT 1&2 - So no problems there.

    Problem : - My PFT run times are ok ish "theres still a P in scrape". 1020 on a good day.

    How can i improve my 1.5 mile times ?

    I run a 9 minute mile over 6 miles and cycle and stamina train on the weights so that i do not bulk up.
    I Fartlek, Interval Train and do some hill rep work but the stubborn bastard time refuses to come down.

    Please help or advise if you can - the nirvana of run times would be 09 00 but im a realist and would settle for 0930
  2. That a good one, "Rugby Player Build", much better than "heavy boned" :wink:

    Serious point though, at 30 isn't it 11 mins, so its less of a scrape

    As for improving I have found that if you use running machines for sprint training upto a few weeks before a BFT/PFT showed a marked improvement. But I have always found that that kind of test has less to do with fitness and more to do with style and determination

    Style as in Sprint out for the first third, slow down for the second and go for best effort in the last, knowing the course and setting mental markers work.

    Determination? Speaks for its self