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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Just hearing on the grapevine that there seems to be a rather high failure rate in some units...


    P.S. Don't want to hear about fitness your responsibility, blah, blah.
  2. We had a surprisingly high pass rate (for TA RLC). with only a couple of people not getting greens.

    Only we found out later, that the PTI`s had secretly shortened the 2.4k to 2.2k.

    I was fairly gutted as I thought I had a stormer of a time (for me anyway!)
  3. I did one at chillwell last month main reason for guys failing in my cmpy was forgetting what the number of press ups or sit ups they had to do
  4. Tell me you're not MI.
  5. Honestly though, MSR, did you expect anything different?
  6. NO mate im not im infantry probably explains a lot but we were in mixed groups when we did this
  7. Ive never had a problem myself in 24 yrs always passed everything, and never wanted to fail, thats the way it was in basic trg 24 yrs ago.... Now im afraid the younger generation wont push their bodies beyond any sort of limits..........Call it what you want " the play station generation" but it really is something when a 45 yr old can out run most of the 18 to 30 yr olds on mobilisation 2 yrs ago...most couldnt do it full stop, some gave up and one didnt even bother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said
  8. It's just a bit of a shock that I've got to run the 1.5 miles faster than I had to run the second half of the BFT 25 years ago :(
  9. Isn't it supposed to be best effort anyway, so in theory you shouldn't have to know how many you have to do? You should just keep pumping them out until you can't pump any more?
  10. In answer to MSR's question I'm not suprised any change from one which was an assesment with advise given, to one that is a compusory test will have problems in the first few months. We've gone from a reserve with 6 weeks notice to one with 10 days notice. IMHO there should be a resreve level of fitness for the PFT. Can you really expect part timers to spend more time keeping fit than doing trade etc? In order to pass the PFT I have had to do 4-5 hours PT a week (I'm an old git) its the last 10% that is the hardest, maybe reserves and troops on non deployment should have to stay within 10% of the PFT or is the TA PFT already lower?
  11. Exactly the same as regs. My max time for 1.5 mile has been slashed from 13.45 to 11 mins at the stroke of a pen. Seeing as I average about 11.30 Im hoping for a following wind with light rain at Chillwell.

    Anybody know should I fail any part of BPFA @ Chillwell would I be RTU'd?

    Seems daft as a reg couldnt wriggle out of deployment by failing the run times so why should I be knocked back for the sake of a few seconds ( still well inside last years BFPA time)?
  12. Since when ! Ive been in since 97 , and since the new pft came in a few years ago , only the over 50s got times like 13,45 and a packed lunch !
  13. You are most likely to be accepted by the deploying unit 'at risk' with (if they are stwitched on) a remedial PT programme. Incidentally, depending on where you end up, an op tour can be an excellent place to work on fitness.
  14. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    Very very unlikely. Your time will just give you a fitness catagory which will be noted on your med docs. If you were really really slow, collapsed half way around or finished on all fours, then you would possibly be restricted to the duties you could do in theatre (ie, limited to camp) but plenty of guys didn't make the grade when I passed through there in 04 and they still deployed.

    As BS noted, a tour is a great way to improve.. There's not much to do out there in the limited time you have "off duty" other than go for a run or hit the gym. I was certainly as fit as I've ever been when I returned.

  15. No they tell u the number of press ups/sit ups u need to get at the beginning of the test