PFT on TA Phase 1B

I've been told that SUTs on the TA's Phase 1B course don't do a PFT, though the person telling me wasn't sure. I had thought that by the end of Phase 1 SUTs had completed all MATTs and were therefore awarded their bounty at the end of the year. But if no PFT is carried out then not all MATTs have been completed. Does anyone know for sure? Is the PFT run in Phase 1B?
There is no PFA on TSC(B) though you will complete a 1.5 mile run and a number of RMTs (i.e. no press-ups or sit-ups), however DTrg(A) have previously ensured me (IIRC it was the SO1 TA who I spoke to) that the course counts as a Level 2 MATTs pass for bounty purposes though I've not seen a policy document to this effect (if anyone can point me in the right direction feel free to do so).

At our place we make sure that our soldiers complete an extra PFA and AFT(TA) even if they have attended TSC(B) in the training year just to make sure we are covered.

It you want to be certain of it just do an extra PFA at your unit.
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