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PFT - how soon into basic?

hey guys im off to catterick tomorrow and i got a few questions still in my head. :?

when at selection i could only do 1.5 pullups, shitty i know but i passed selection. since then i been working on my upper body and its still not improved to much.

thing im worried about is how soon into basic is PFT? , is it pass or fail or assessment type test?

ive always been worried bout fitness and medical things. im just gonna give my best effort and hope i got get my ass kicked for it :oops:

thanks for your time
You'll do a PFT in your first week, and yes it is a pass/fail. If you fail, nothing really happens you just need to do well in PT and you'll soon catch up. Although that was Winchester, don't know if Catterick is harsher in that sense.
i passed out on trg last week....

you do an RMT which is a mile n 1/2 run, jerry can and ammo box lift

then you do a mid rmt which is week 9

then when you to you 6 mile tab which is a test you do a jerry can and ammo box lift at the end .. thats in week 12

and finally you a PFT monday week 14 which is press ups sit ups mile n 1/2 its not a test intil phase 2 .. thats wot its like in pirbright
How can you do 1/2 a pull up ? Its even a full one- or its not ?
If its not until week 14 then you may get chance before then to build up your upper body strength and who knows, by end of week 14 you could be doing 5 and a 1/2 or even 6. Hang in the soldier.
PFT as soon as you walk in the gates, you put your bags down and go running in your shoes and trousers, sometimes they make you do it in your pants, so make sure they are clean. STOP worrying about a pi$$ easy run, you are either ready for training or not, have a look in the mirror and find some moral courage.
Not that easy sometimes blobmeister, my moral courage was burried beneath a few layers of flab, think i can just see it now though... If you go tomorrow though gwibo then there is however nothing you can do more to prepare now is there, just give it your all when it counts!! And i'm sure that you'll do better than you might think

I start phase 1 at pirbright 5th of may and just out of curiousity can anyone tell me how long you have to do the 6 mile tab in at week 12 and how heavy the kit is that i will be carrying, want to be as prepared as possible! Thanx

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